Monday, March 30, 2009

work outs? Diets? BMI?

Ok so Dax turns a year old in like 30 days. I have 6 more pounds to lose to get back to my pre pregnancy weight. But i still want to lose 15 more pounds after that. There are so many diets and work out plans and pills and stuff. My question to you is what item what plan what pill worked for you? Do you have any tips or exercises that worked for you?

My weight lost challenge at work helped me alot and I'm eating better and drinking more. I lost a totally of 6 pounds in those 3 months and i worked my butt off. I lost 3% of my body weight. As far as i know that's a lot.

Here are pictures of my progression:

This was my last day in the hospital day 3 I gained 60 pounds totally. I gained even more when i had the sergery.

This was taken before church on sunday 51 pounds lighter and still losing


Tonya said...

A few years ago I joined weight watchers and lost 70+ lbs on it. It has been the only form of weight loss that has ever worked for me. I have tried just about every other plan, name it and lost nothing with them. My baby turend 1 last month, while I have lost all my preg weight, im in the same boat...still have more to go. My plan is to go back on WW and walk for 30 mins a day, which is what I did before and it worked great! Good Luck!!