Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Thanks giving at the parents.....thats juliet and her new friends my parents dogs she does really good with them....but it was fun.

October wedding

Lindsay and Chris's wedding billy's older brother got married to the great girl in the world. It was alot of fun

christmas 2005

Our first christmas and our tree. My family also took family pictures this year and it snowed a bit....thats my snow lump.

This is our trip to Miami for a concert that lasted 12 hours with 12 was fun we also went to the beach!


I made a spongbob pumpkin!

This is our one year mark......we went on the general jackson show boat and we got a puppy. Her name is Juliet and she is an all white husky

our wedding (june 25th 2005)

Here are some wedding pictures we got married June 25th 2005....Getting married to Billy ledbetter at the nashville temple was the happest day of my life