Friday, April 18, 2008

We were so close!

So Wednesday at my doctor’s appointment my blood pressure was high and my swelling was really bad and I had a few other minor things. They took my blood and this time I didn’t even cry…but I wanted too…she said come back in tomorrow morning and go home from work today and don’t go tomorrow. They thought I might have toxemia or this other thing. Well I went home and rested and the next morning we were packed ready to go, we had plans for the dog, my parents were leaving at 12:30(if I had the baby they were staying), it was in the morning…it was a perfect day to have the baby but im not sick and everything is fine I just have to wait now till little Dax is ready other wise we induce on the 29th… so we will keep you all posted!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

My family

This is a picture from my baby shower we had a few weeks ago. This is my family. My step mom, my dad, my sister Rachel, my other sister Lexi, me and my husband.

Those are my two sisters trying to make baby Dax move!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Its coming together nicely

His mom got the bedding in so she brought that over last night!! look how cute it is and it's soft too.
These are the letters that are going over the bed on the wall my step mom painted those last night.

Also yesterday my sweet husband turned 25!! yeah for birthdays!!! This is what he wanted so i got it for him...a new birthday suite. He had an ok birhtday went to school and then came home and was suppose to go to the frist but that ended up not happening...somthing with the girls from church couldn't find rides. So that was sad cause he really wanted to go. But he came home and we bought a new movie and had a nice night together. So i think he had a good day...

He just got out of the shower and HAD to try this on....this was a test