Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My son Dax....

I love and care for my husband very much he means so much to me. I love my son as well but the feelings I have for him are  so different. This child is so awesome. He's my light. He is 3.5 years old. With in the last few weeks I've been looking at him. I had to buy him new shoes this week, size 11 ( they have room to grow) and we got him some new jeans, size 4T.  He had to give blood for us to get on WIC. He was such a good boy let the dr do her thing it just couldn't have been better. He's getting so big so fast and it makes me sad but it's just crazy the things he does and says and it makes me happy that he's getting big and lerning. My favorite it when he says, please, thank you, your welcome, or just gives hugs and kisses all on his own. He's now reads me stories and says his own prayers. He looks out for us too! If i have a oochy he'll get me a band aid and kiss it and tell me it's going to be ok. He's getting better at playing at the park with kids, he's getting good use out of his imagination. He's the sweetest little boy every, i just love him and im so blessed that i can have him in my life.

I mean look at his kid who can't love this child! 

On the other hand I have roughly 6 weeks before my little girl is here. I could not be any happier to hear that. I want her here with me. I just still can't believe we are having another child and that's it's a girl. At the same time I'm really nervous.  Its been almost 4 years since having a newborn in the house and this time I have a high energy 3 year old. I just dont' know what to expect.  I know things will be fine cause many people have more than one child. I'm also nervous cause I really want this birth to go smoothly. I was  approved for a VBAC and that's really exciting but I just hope that my body is too. I have a few more thing around the house to get in ready order but we are almost there and ready for Vera to make her presence known.

Here I am at 8 months (33 weeks) just 6-7 more weeks!