Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Well it's been 3 weeks and Billy is still have problems finding a job. It's stressing all of us out and that's not fun. Dax starts going to day care only twice a week next week. So he's going to be hanging out with daddy 3 days a week now. With summer coming up and school is in their last week, and with him only needing a summer job why is it this so hard. We've applied everywhere! September 8th is the big day I send my husband off to boot camp. We really can't wait...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

State of emergency

I know you've heard about the car bomb, and the oil spill and the AZ immigration law but did you hear about the FLOOD in Tennessee? Yes my family and I live in Nashville. We're fine but this is such a big thing that it's still awing.

Alot of people haven't. The only other thing that has happened to Tennessee of this degree was the civil war. Lives have been taken and are rising every day. Nashville and surrounding areas were consumed by the rains. The Cumberland river rose and creeks, ponds and other bodies of water flooded Nashville.
(this is in hermitage down the street from us)

(this is Percy priest dam. That water is never that high when falling in to the holding part. It was coming over the dam so they had to let it out. It's also rare to have all 4 open)

Water damage to all those historic buildings. There was 8 ft of water inside the Titans stadium (football), in sided the Good year stadium (hockey and such). Opry mills mall is under water as wall as the interstate that runs next to the mall. Lets not even get in to Opryland Hotel. Those pictures make me want to cry. Any one who has been there can tell you how special of a place it is. Very beautiful. I saw a picture were a guest was sucking up the water from the floor. The guest from Opryland were evacuated.

(this is opry mills mall and that big boat is the general Jackson. I had my senior prom on that)

(these next few pictures are in the Opryland hotel)

I don't live in down town but I work down there. I haven't been to work all week. We can't. It's flooded. So here I am at home just spending time with my family praying for those in need. Hermitage is right down the street from us. We have a bunch of family who lives there. We tried to go see them and we got redirected. the big red barn on the side of the road with the beautiful houses was almost consumed completely.

(this is at river front looking the titan's stadium)

(in the middle of this picture was a nice river. It has taken over the beautiful river front park and the following roads around the area.)

( this is a just some neighborhood close by)

(that building is the music hall of fame museum. Right next to the hockey arena and the new symphony center)

I still don't understand what some of the terms are that they are using like 500 year old flood. I just know that it's been 6 days now and I still can't go to work. People are still with out homes, water, food. I got word yesterday that all the fish in opry mills have all died and the ones that are still alive (peronas) are swimming around. I'm not sure I believe that part but that's what I heard. Today they are letting in key people into metro center. a few of our VP's are going to get to go in our building. I can't wait to go back to work....