Thursday, September 30, 2010

Road trip

I have been MIA for the past few days. I took a much needed trip down to Pensacola. I went and spend a wonderful weekend with my husband! It was so great to just get away and spend some time with him. I left work a bit later than I had planed. Left at one got there at 7:30pm. It was a nice smooth drive. I got in to town and you could tell it had been raining. So I pull in pick him up and off to check in to the hotel. We check in and just relaxe. It was a long drive and boy was I tird. So we Billy said he wanted to go back to base so I could sleep in the next morning. They failed thier room inspection so he had to try again. So we spent the whole day together it was so nice. We picked up his friend and had lunch. We went to the NEX store and that was cool. Everything you could every need/want is there and for a discounted price. We went to the beach and had a great time. It was just soo beautiful there and the sounds are so relaxing. We spent all day sunday together. Went to the mall and just chilled in the hotel. It was so cool just to hang out with him. I miss having him around so much.  Now is the time for sacrifices. Just getting started and buliding up and paying bills. This time apart will be short and if for a good cause. The family. I love him so much and can't wait to take Dax down there to see his dad. I should be going down there soon and he should be coming home for christmas soon too!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 7: My best friend

Ok so let me talk about my best friend.  I had a talk with my husband about this. How with everything going on right now I feel that no one understands. I feel that no one really "gets" me. If that makes any sense. For real Billy is my bestest friend. He understands me and the way I think and do things. He knows everything about me. I can trust him with my life and know that I'm safe. We have fun together, we talk together, we confide in each other, we are there for each other.  He would do anything for me as I would him. he there threw my tough time and I'm there for his. He is my best friend.

Right now a close runner up would be my buddie Heather. She is awesome. She's so smart and I know that I can go to her with ANYTHING and she will have a real life answer and tell me how it is. She is full of information. She's helped me out alot the past few years. She also has a family life very very similar to mine. Well it's changed a bit now but she's got a little boy almost exactly a year older than Dax. So he's gotten all of Gavins hand me downs and what a huge help that is when it comes time for clothes shopping. We do a lot of things together. We work the consignment sales, go to the zoo and other fun things. We come over and play. Dax just loves playing with Gavin. They are buddies. As far as the husband thing. They are so alike but have small differences. It was just scrary when we all met. I think Heather is awesome and I'm lucky to have her as a friend.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 6: My day

Let me tell you about my day yesterday.

We woke up and had eggs, beacon, and biscuits. After that was done and over with we headed to the store. Yes it was Sunday but both Rachel and Dad were having issues with sneezing. So we went and got some meds. Came back I took a shower and started getting ready for church. Dax was in his room reading a book while trying to take a nap.

We all left and went to church. Great fun that was. Three hours later we were on our way to Darlene's house. Once we got to Billy's mom's house we helped get things ready. The floor in her kitchen is in the process of being ripped out. It's bad. So we all ate out side. It was for Shelby's birthday.  Present there for dinner was Beth, Chris, Phoenix, Lindsay, Chris, me, Dad, Rachel, Dax, Shelby, Darlene, Mike, Grannie, Cindy, Marrissa....Too many people. So we ate dinner and let the kids run around and play.

No-nap-Dax deiced to show up and make a secan so we cleaned up and left. I get home clean up Dax read a book and off to bed with him. After he's in bed I can go down stairs and spend my hour a day with Billy on the computer! Then I watched a show then off to bed only to wake up and leave late and not have a lunch and not feel good!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 05 – Your definition of loveDay

I'm not sure if this is any different from valentines day but here are my thoughts on that.

So Valentines day is a day of love. But if you really love someone then you would be doing stuff for them all the time. I do like Valentines Day don't get me wrong but I do try to make a special effort to do nice things for my husband threw out the year. Weather it be cooking a nice dinner from time to time for just the two of us. Or bringing home a movie and spending some time together. Some of the most special things to me are those ones where he doesn't ask me to do something or just something that needed to get done. For me it's the little things that give me those love butterflies. A cute note here or a text. Flowers picked up from kroger. A simple kiss when I walk in the door is always a good way to come home. These all work both ways. A complment can really make someones day. A funny story is my husband is pretty good about complmenting me on things. Most the time its after the fact or a day he's so funny.

But Love day should be every day. I just have so much love for my husband it would be an overload on him if he only got it one day a year. It's what's keeps us stronge.

Day 4: What I ate

This really isn't anything to exciting today.

I had a slim fast (chocolate) for breakfast on the way to work

I had some home made pizza for lunch and a salad

And I have a pot pie for dinner.

I know sorry not a very interesting day....

Day 3: My parents

A little bit about my mom:

♥ She lives in Arizona

♥ She is a huge animal person

♥ She is loveable

♥ She is always looking out for everyone

♥ She always finds cool things

&hreats; She enjoys being out and about doing things

♥ She's in school

♥ She has lived in many states

♥ She's funny

My Dad:

♥ He's always fixing or making something

♥ He will watch anything that anyone want's to watch but would prefer sports

♥ He's always helping someone

♥ He know everything about computers

♥ He's funny

♥ He's so easy to shop for

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 2: My first love

My first love well this is an easy story. All threw high school I never got asked out. Not on a date, not to a dance. I did get asked to dance at church dances and that always felt nice. So we moved to Nashville right before my senior year. I didn't really know anyone and it was such a culture shock for me to not be surrounded  at every moment by Mormons. So I started talking with this guy from church. We were friends for that year. We were all pretty close at church seeing that we were it. We were the Mormons in Mount Juliet.  One of my other guy friends pressured this one in to asking me to his prom. He did. He ditched me for most of it so that was great. I thought that we were dating. For about 6 months I and everyone else thought that. It wasn't until a few months after he left I found out we were nothing. It hurt so bad I thought I loved him.

Before that boy went off to school we all had made welcome home signs for the missionary returning home. We go to the airport and out walks this 21 year old guy in a suite! Boy was he good looking!  So everyone was in line giving him a hug. I was like heck I want a huge from the cutie. So get in line got my hug and then realized it was all his family.....yeah talk about embarrassing. After the guy who I thought I was dating left for school I started to see Billy. We'd talk at institute. Sit next to me at meetings and talk. Finally he asked me on a date. We went to see resident evil 3 and went to stake and shake. After that it was still only 9pm. So we went to the lake to talk. Yeah at 3 am we realized it was way to late and I was going to get in so much trouble. So I got talked to and stuff, but later that day I went with my friend David to church to watch conference while they went to Bell buckle. The next day Sunday I asked if I could go to Billy's house to watch conference on their TV. They said yes. We were having singles FHE at his house Monday night. Guess who showed up. Me! That was it no one else came. So that was kinda cool. That was also our first kiss in his driveway when I left. It didn't take long but I knew I was in love with him.

January first comes, it was time for him to go and he just couldn't. We started talking and it went in to, I want you to be my wife...i love you......and some other stuff I can't remember. A few weeks later the ring came in. Six months later we were married in the Nashville temple. It's been 5 years now. To tell you the truth I feel in love a second time too. It happened 2 months after I had my son. I am truly in love with my boys.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 1: Introduce Yourself

My name is Stephanie. I'm now 24 years old. I have a 2 year old son and have been married to my best friend for 5 years now! I was born in Redondo beach, CAL. Moved to Arizona when I was 3. I have a brother who is 2 years younger than me. I later moved to  Nashville, TN the summer before my senior year. I graduated. Met my husband and was married at 18. When I turned 21 I found out I was pregnant!

I'm a wife a mother a friend and a sister. I try to be a good expamble for those around me. I like to have fun and be with good company. I like to smile and laugh. I like to spend time with my family and make memories. I'm working on bettering my photography skills. I'm involved with our church.  I'm a very happy person and I like to stay positive. Life has been good to me and I'm happy where it has brought me....

Monday, September 13, 2010

30 Days of Stephanie

I've decided to Do a 30 days of Me. I stole this from Christina  over at her blog.

I'm hoping it gives you all a look in to who I am and how it came.

Here are the days:

Day 01 – Introduce

Day 02 – Your first love

Day 03 – Your parents

Day 04 – What you ate today

Day 05 – Your definition of loveDay

Day 06 – Your day

Day 07 – Your best friend

Day 08 – A moment

Day 09 – Your beliefs

Day 10 – What you wore today

Day 11 – Your siblings

Day 12 – What’s in your bag

Day 13 – This week

Day 14 – What you wore today

Day 15 – Your dreams

Day 16 – Your first kiss

Day 17 – Your favorite memory

Day 18 – Your favorite birthday

Day 19 – Something you regret

Day 20 – This month

Day 21 – Another moment

Day 22 – Something that upsets you

Day 23 – Something that makes you feel better

Day 24 – Something that makes you cry

Day 25 – A first

Day 26 – Your fears

Day 27 – Your favorite place

Day 28 – Something that you miss

Day 29 – Your aspirations

Day 30 – One last moment

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Pictures of my talking with my husband on skype how awesome is that. I love that not only can i talk with him almost when ever I want but I get to see him too! I miss him so much it's so good. Soon enough we'll be together soon!