Wednesday, July 27, 2011

News, News, News.....

Its been awhile I do have to say that but its' been so busy.

So update. I'm not in Hawaii. Yeah sad but true. The day before the movers came we got official word that my husband was not of rank to take dependents "overseas".  So with all the down sizing we did and the money spend on the dog we were not really happy. So about a month later we got new orders to Augusta Georgia.  Not the same but in the big picture most likely  better for us. It's closer to home and we aren't sure Billy is going to be here for the birth of the baby. But it's a bit different, it's an army base and not many Navy personal here. I'm still trying to make friends and learn about the area. Its very green and trees everywhere. It takes a good min to get most places and only 8 from our house to base. The base it's self is like 140,000 acres and its huge!!! There's not really alot on base but more than Corry station. So For now we are here and settling in. Oh and we are having a baby in November! And its a GIRL!!!! We couldn't be happyier. I have a lot of sewing projects to finish before she comes. Baby Vera Alta Ledbetter.