Friday, March 26, 2010

Nashville vs. Phoenix

So last night after work I went to the gas station to return my movie and to get a hot dog. It started hailing so hard and the power went out. I was so hungry so after like 10 mins the lights came on but he couldn't ring me up. I told the guy it's like what $2.50 just take my $3. So I ran to the car and headed to the Titans stadium. Since they think it's a good idea to build our new convention center and leave no parking for any one I had to take a shuttle. She was really nice and dropped us off at the front door. I met up with my family.

We had GREAT seats! I had forgotten how much fun hockey games are. If you haven't been to one you should. The energy the team and the fans have was so much fun. Plus they are pretty short games.

We had a good time. I had funnel cake for the first time and we were on the mega tv!!!

Gotta represent! It's a good thing my section didn't win. I would have had to give my ticket

And the Winners are....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The little things in life that make me happy

crisp cotton sheets
sleeping in
an exercise endorphin high
a genuine compliment
the way babies smell
a handwritten letter
waking up in a good mood...for no real reason
finding a couple forgotten dollars in your pocket
a home cooked meal
a bubble bath
street musicians
the funny things kids say
finding the perfect piece of clothing...on sale
clean laundry
the wind in your hair
sharing an umbrella
eating Chinese food
staying in your pj's all day
ordering in pizza
happy endings...even if they're fictional
root beer floats
having someone hold the door for you
fountain soda
green lights all the way home
holding hands
a great hair day with no effort
the perfect taco
slow dancing
the smell of fresh-baked bread
the cold side of the pillow
love letters
a pull-through parking space
Girl Scout Cookies
kissing someone you love
hot chocolate
birds hopping on the sidewalk
my softest t-shirt
bacon and pancakes cooking on Saturday morning
Getting hugs from my little boy
waking up to my best friend
hearing those 3 words
What makes you happy?....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Everything that rocks!

Ok so as everyone is filling out their basket ball brackets I'm filling out my band bracket. Me and a friend at work filled in a bracket on 102.9 the buzz website. You pick and vote for your bands every day. The person with the most that are correct wins a trip to the music hall of fame!

So while I was filling it out (by the way I'm so losing right now) I filled out a few of their other contest. Now this station to me plays rock music. Yes I'm a fan but they mostly play older rock when I tune in. Nirvana, ACDC, GodSmack, Korn, NIN, Guns and roses...stuff like that. I get a phone call Friday after noon saying I won! Yes, I never win so I was so excited. I called Jeremy while he was at lunch and I was like, "You will never guess who called me!! The radio station did!" He was like you don't even listen to them how did you win?

So to the best part! Yesterday at 12:30 one of the guys came up here and brought me 20 sandwiches, like 12 bags of chips, 10 huge cookies and a box of pickles. He also brought me a small and a medium station shirt. It's got a pin up girl on it but it's still something cute to wear to the next show I go two, and I think I have two or three that we are going to in the next two months. So here is the picture he took for Panera bread.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Dax talks!

Ok so Dax can say words. He can name and point out all your body parts on your head. He is loving trains right now. He is very smart in what he can understand. He'll come up to you and look you in the face and just mumble all kinds of stuff and they run off... its to cute.

In this video he says Percy if you don't get it. Percy is the name of the green train on Thomas.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jury Duty!

I have Jury duty for the first time next month. Hopefully it's just a one day thing. Billy's bday is on the 8th!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Flash back

Look at what I found today! Why we didn't use these for our Chirstmas cards I don't know. He was 7 months old.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Summer Consignment sale 2010

So it's that time of the year again! I've worked me 3, five hour shifts and last night was worker shopping night! For working the sale I received a $50 credit and first shopping night. So I was able to get everything I wanted.
This year there wasn't a lot of clothes in Dax's size so I made due with what I got. I also had a few things at home.

9 shirts
7 shorts
1 swim trunk
3, 3 piece set PJ's
one church out fit
a chair
Thomas train set
Thomas movies
Thomas book
Thomas bath toys
blues clues movie
6 pairs of shoes 4 being BRAND NEW!
5 puzzles
a ride on toy
a baby gate
6 books
a Dora memory game
a bag of CARS cars
a bag of animals
a bag of tools
and the wonder pets boat thing

This shopping trip was a good one. I love working at these things not only do I get the discount and the easy shopping experience (when the public is there it is crazy busy) but I get to meet other moms and talk to people. I don't have many (like 3) friends out here so its nice to be around others with the same interest. Seeing too that there are not to many LDS members out here.

Here is the post from last years consignment sales.

Friday, March 5, 2010

The mornings

Since Billy has gotten this new job I get to spend more time with him in the morings and I get to take him to school. This has been going on for two months now. I can now take Dax to school and drop him off with out him screaming for me. There has been times where his teachers would be holding him and he would be reaching out for me as far as he could. Or times where he walks away real sad like and starts crying. Never did he do this when daddy drops him off.

I've tryied getting him excited for school and for playing with his buddy Nickolas. He seems to have so much fun. He really likes it there and learns so much. As soon as he starts talking and using his words he's never going to stop!

This is us this morning. I haven't posted a recent picture in a while so here is this morning playing with Thomas. ( the kid sleeps with this thing...)

Mommy and me!

When we had netflix we could only get the internet in the bed room. This is Dax watching some kid show we didn't have. Isn't that the

Ruffle Butts!

I made 5 of these in one day for a baby shower I was going to. These two I saved for a girl at work. I just had to show these off. I think they are just too cute! I can't wait till I have a girl and all the cute stuff I can make for her...
I also made some cute owls . Pictures to come.

Valentines day!

I know right I'm like a whole month late. Camera had been dead, I've been busy, its too cold for pictures! :)

So here is what we did for Valentines day.

Well Friday at work this is what I got! My honey sent me flowers. A bit different then what he usually sends but totally cute!

Friday night I got my tax money. Woo hoo! I went to best buy bought a PS3 then went to walmart to buy dinner. Well while I was there I guess I needed to buy a game too. So when I got home I bought in the walmart bags told him this one had something in it for you and Dax. I went back out to get one more bag and the big blue bag. I walked in and the walmart bag was on the floor. I said did you like it? He looked at me and looked at the blue bag and said what is that? He was soo surprised

With Billy's new job he was having to work mandatory over time. His hours were 5am-3:30pm. That puts him to bed by 8 so he can wake up a 3:30am. The ware house is kinda far right now. So I woke up got ready for church left church a bit early. I wanted to come home and make a good lunch for him. I had notice while getting dress he for got his lunch money. So I made a loaded salad with everything in it and a hot sandwich. He was so happy I had done that for him.
We later that night went to his mom's house like every Sunday for dinner. Dax for Valentines day got new PJ's. He's in to Thomas the Train right now. So after Grannie made him a Thomas blanket we got him some Thomas PJ's! He's so cute...!

This is what my parents got for me. It's a bracelet from Brighton!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Navy Wife Way

Ok so I've been really lame on blogging lately. Alot is going on and keeping us busy. Work, Dax, the consignment sale, everything..... So in the time that I was able to get working I now have another blog.

This blog is going to be about my new journey as a Navy wife. So as new things come up so will the post.