Friday, March 26, 2010

Nashville vs. Phoenix

So last night after work I went to the gas station to return my movie and to get a hot dog. It started hailing so hard and the power went out. I was so hungry so after like 10 mins the lights came on but he couldn't ring me up. I told the guy it's like what $2.50 just take my $3. So I ran to the car and headed to the Titans stadium. Since they think it's a good idea to build our new convention center and leave no parking for any one I had to take a shuttle. She was really nice and dropped us off at the front door. I met up with my family.

We had GREAT seats! I had forgotten how much fun hockey games are. If you haven't been to one you should. The energy the team and the fans have was so much fun. Plus they are pretty short games.

We had a good time. I had funnel cake for the first time and we were on the mega tv!!!

Gotta represent! It's a good thing my section didn't win. I would have had to give my ticket

And the Winners are....