Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Everything that rocks!

Ok so as everyone is filling out their basket ball brackets I'm filling out my band bracket. Me and a friend at work filled in a bracket on 102.9 the buzz website. You pick and vote for your bands every day. The person with the most that are correct wins a trip to the music hall of fame!

So while I was filling it out (by the way I'm so losing right now) I filled out a few of their other contest. Now this station to me plays rock music. Yes I'm a fan but they mostly play older rock when I tune in. Nirvana, ACDC, GodSmack, Korn, NIN, Guns and roses...stuff like that. I get a phone call Friday after noon saying I won! Yes, I never win so I was so excited. I called Jeremy while he was at lunch and I was like, "You will never guess who called me!! The radio station did!" He was like you don't even listen to them how did you win?

So to the best part! Yesterday at 12:30 one of the guys came up here and brought me 20 sandwiches, like 12 bags of chips, 10 huge cookies and a box of pickles. He also brought me a small and a medium station shirt. It's got a pin up girl on it but it's still something cute to wear to the next show I go two, and I think I have two or three that we are going to in the next two months. So here is the picture he took for Panera bread.