Friday, March 5, 2010

Valentines day!

I know right I'm like a whole month late. Camera had been dead, I've been busy, its too cold for pictures! :)

So here is what we did for Valentines day.

Well Friday at work this is what I got! My honey sent me flowers. A bit different then what he usually sends but totally cute!

Friday night I got my tax money. Woo hoo! I went to best buy bought a PS3 then went to walmart to buy dinner. Well while I was there I guess I needed to buy a game too. So when I got home I bought in the walmart bags told him this one had something in it for you and Dax. I went back out to get one more bag and the big blue bag. I walked in and the walmart bag was on the floor. I said did you like it? He looked at me and looked at the blue bag and said what is that? He was soo surprised

With Billy's new job he was having to work mandatory over time. His hours were 5am-3:30pm. That puts him to bed by 8 so he can wake up a 3:30am. The ware house is kinda far right now. So I woke up got ready for church left church a bit early. I wanted to come home and make a good lunch for him. I had notice while getting dress he for got his lunch money. So I made a loaded salad with everything in it and a hot sandwich. He was so happy I had done that for him.
We later that night went to his mom's house like every Sunday for dinner. Dax for Valentines day got new PJ's. He's in to Thomas the Train right now. So after Grannie made him a Thomas blanket we got him some Thomas PJ's! He's so cute...!

This is what my parents got for me. It's a bracelet from Brighton!