Friday, November 30, 2007

We found out

Its a BOY!!!

Thats right i had the best time at the doctors today. I guess seeing him on the tv made me closterphoic and i had to get up and walk it off but it was great. We got to see everything head feet brain heart everything. It was so cool. I got about 12 pictures and a movie. He total danced for us it was cute. But it's a boy i have two pictures to prove it. His kiddenys are enlarged but thats common in little boys and i go back for an ultra sound in 5 weeks.

Me and billy could not be happyier. Neylin Dax Ledbetter will be here april 22nd! Pictures will come this week!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

We are moving!

Yeah we got the keys to our new 2 bed room 2 bath apartmetn everything is sooo great but the master bed room...but i can fix now we have a baby's room i cant wait to decorate!

Prego pictures

This was at the halloween party at church...those are my new prego pants cause at this point most my clothes don't fit.

And here is the belly picture at 17 you know why my clothes don't
we find out next friday what the baby is at 20 weeks...i cant even wait!


Me and my friend heather from work at a halloween party. I was paris hilton....

This is everyone at work that dresses up!!

we had fun

This is me brandy and heather at the office!

Tiffany's wedding

This is at my friend Tiffany's wedding....we had alot of fun i got to see alot of old friends....

Me and Billy even did some danceing....

Tiffany Looked so beautiful.....oh yeah moment of the night....we were some what near the front of the line walking to the reception hall going down a old wooden ramp when my heal got stuck in the ramp and i almost fell on my face as well as having everyone fall on top of me.... it was so funny cause i had to have billy pull it out for

Meet the bean

Everyone meet my bean....this is our baby at 7.5 was an inch and a half long and you could see the heart beat of 153 beats a min.... it brought a tear to my eye just knowing that this is our going to be a mom and thats inside of me.... it's the coolest thing yet...
the last to apointments i've been too i got to listen to the heart's so good to hear it to know that it's still there to know that thats why im sick thats why i eat so much if for my bean...

Im pregnant!!!

Yeah i found out two days after my 21st that we are going to have a baby....i knew i was late so i took a test just thinking that i would get that out of the way but when i matched the lines with what was on the paper i was shocked... i woke billy up and he was like thats great but go to the doctor and find out for i had no idea where to go and i called my boss and said i had to go to the doctor and when she called me back and asked if i was ok i kinda told her what i was doing and she helped me out...

right before i went in to see the doctor billy called me...this has got to be one of the sweetest things billy has ever said to me.... he said that he was happy and that he cryied on the way to school thinking about it not that he was mad but happy....then he called back again saying that he loved me very much and either way he was happy and wants this to happen...this was just what i needed to hear.....cause i knew if it was for real i would hear different from alot of people and just to know that billy is happy and wants this in his life is such a great thing to me.....

so i took the blood test for the first time...i cryied.....sitting in the doctor's office i was handed a paper that said positive....


everyone at work was so excited

My 21st bday!

So i turned 21 on august 27th.....we went out to dinner with my family and had a good sisters got me a cute top that was way way to big and a dimond necklace from my parents in the shape of a circle....we had a good time