Monday, February 8, 2010

My Navy Man

Yeah they aren't the best pictures. I was the only one taking pictures. There was one other mom in there with me. So Friday after a LONG day at the MEPS center I got the call to come on down. As walk threw the metal detector and pick up my purse from the x-ray machine I made my way back to the waiting rooms. I walked in and saw Billy taking his finger prints. He told me the guy taking his prints asked him if that was his wife. He's like yep that's my girl. It was too funny. There were TVs every where that had ESPN on them. So the waiting starts. This is what he's been doing all day. So at 4 they all go in to the briefing room. At 4:30 we get to go in to the room you see above. It was small. There were like 8 people swearing in. Billy was the only one going in to the Navy everyone else was army. So his oath was a bit different. That's Billy in the picture as he's saying his oath.
But with much prayer we were able to get the job we wanted. He is a crypto tech. He will be translating codes and incoming feed. He will do time on a sub, and the boat with the planes and a plane. So we are really excited. He has boot camp is at the end of the year. So I will keep you updated on our travels! We are so excited and so blessed for everything this new lifestyle will have to offer us.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I love etsy!

Ok so Heidi now has a etsy store! She's got alot of cute things in there and more to come. I want everyone to go check her out!