Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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Our trip to Sams!

We went to Sams on Saturday with some friends to get the hamburgers and hot dogs for Dax's b day party. He had so much fun in the double seated cart.


What on earth can i be making with all these bags????????? All in good time...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Blog swap!

This is my first time doing this but it sounds like fun and you get a cool package in return.

I can't wait to do this! Kati of Country Girl, City Life is having a blog swap. You get to give someone a few of your favorite things, and you get some favorite stuff of another participate! How cool!

Here's the info...

1. You are assigned a blog buddy
2. You will send a package their way
3. You will take a picture of your package and post it
4. Return to the site and link it with Mr. Linky
5. Interested???? Click here to see more :)

work outs? Diets? BMI?

Ok so Dax turns a year old in like 30 days. I have 6 more pounds to lose to get back to my pre pregnancy weight. But i still want to lose 15 more pounds after that. There are so many diets and work out plans and pills and stuff. My question to you is what item what plan what pill worked for you? Do you have any tips or exercises that worked for you?

My weight lost challenge at work helped me alot and I'm eating better and drinking more. I lost a totally of 6 pounds in those 3 months and i worked my butt off. I lost 3% of my body weight. As far as i know that's a lot.

Here are pictures of my progression:

This was my last day in the hospital day 3 I gained 60 pounds totally. I gained even more when i had the sergery.

This was taken before church on sunday 51 pounds lighter and still losing

Friday, March 27, 2009

The cutest give away

Click here:the best gift idea To see one of the cutest giveaway out right now a cute gift bag.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I love my baby kisses!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Twilight the moive!

All i have to say is that it comes out at midnight tonight and my husband is picking me up a copy!

So we thought that the movie came out on Friday. Well it came out Friday at midnight. So Dax is teething and that's not fun but Billy was at a base ball game for school. So after wards he went to walmart but they didn't' have it on blue ray then his brother calls and says come to hot topic. So Billy goes to hot topic and gets in cause we know the managers there. You were only allowed in if you pre-ordered. So Billy got home at 1am. He didn't have the movie but he got me the cutest twilight shirt. I'll post again with the pictures he took.

He ended up getting me the movie the next day on blue ray...It looks amazing on our tv.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

10 months old

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Weight lost challenge

Ok so today was the day and i didn't win. But thats ok cause the guy who did wion was going to throw us a lunch. Well the guy that won second want's to extend 12 more weeks. Im so good for this seeing that we are training for our 5k on monday now. He's doubleing the pot ....$502 im soo in!!!

Placemat Purse

So I've been wanting to do this for a while. I want to go to walmart and get a bunch of them so i can sell them at the yard sale. But i saw this at target and it was more than i would have liked to spend on a place mat but for $5 this was too cute.

After my trip to target i went to joanns and got the handles

Here is the finial product! What do you think?

Also while i was at target i found these cuties! You put eggs on them. One think i like to do for Easter is blow out eggs and paint them real nice.

Good Morning!

This is how i found my son this morning. When i put him to bed i start him off at the bottom of the crib. He worked his way up to the top. Then i noticed that his socks and pants were off and inside out. His bear whom he loves is on his face sooooo im now taking out his bears and putting his little duck in there. Silly boy.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tomorrow is the big day!

You ask why is it soo big? Well you see here at work for the past 11 weeks we've had a weight lost challenge. Every three weeks we weigh in and who every loses the highest percent of total body weight wins for that round. I gained 60 pounds with Dax. As i know right now i have 6 more to lose before I'm back to prego weight!The first round i lost one pound. I was so sad i was going up stairs and working out and doing the yoga classes at work and one pound.

Note: I'm still not at my prego weight yet so this is still baby fat.

So the next three weeks go by and i lost 4 pounds. At this point that was2.6% I have lost. I WON....i couldn't believe it i just won $168 dollars. How cool it that. So i gave half of it to my friend who is not in the challenge but is doing everything with me and keeping me on track. I also bought a swim suite that i will talk about closer to summer.

So the next three weeks go by by this time people are giving up and dropping out. There is 23 people involved in the challenge. So by popular demand we extended the challenge one more week. This last 4 weeks have been hard. NO CARBS! This is what we decided on. As well as green tea and working out. So once again tomorrow is the big day!!!! If i win i will be receiving $252. How cool would that be. I'll say it now if i do win i will be putting half of that in Dax's bank account. So i will let you know what happens tomorrow afternoon! Also 3 of my co workers are taking me out to lunch to celebrate my lost!

Ebay is going to be the death of me

I am so addicted to ebay right now. Im not sure why or where this came out of but i love ebay. This is what my summary says....

But since Billy doesn't read my blog i can show you what i've gotten lately...For Billy's birthday thats coming up soon. ( i didn't want him to think i forgot it seeing that Dax's bday is in the same month) Im taking off work the day before to spend the day with him and give his this stuff....

This is a 120g ipod.

This is the stuff i got for Dax his cake pan for his b day and the mobile that goes with his bed set....here's the thing with that....i got two of them. Ebay does that to you sometimes...so i have one up for grab if anyone is intrested.....

And then you have my ipod thats so awesome!!!

I also have my bumpits coming in soon!!! :)

Once again ebay has me hooked!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Need a new movie to watch?

So there is this website called swap a dvd what you do on there is list movies you don't want or watch any more. To i listed 27. I just got a blue ray player and I'm getting rid of all my movies. You sign up and make a wish list of the movies you want i have veggie tales on there blue's clues, other kid and Disney movies as well as some new and old blue ray movies. So after you make your list and you've uploaded movies it's not time to swap. If some one is requesting your movie all you pay is shipping and its mostly like $2.00 but for every movie you list and send off you get one credit for every cd in that movie box. So far I've gotten 6 movies (south park season one, veggie tales, little Einstein, and some others) So its really cool. You only pay for postage!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Who is America's next top model?

My sister is trying out to be on the tv show america's next top model!

What do you think???? She had to take 3 pictures :one in a swim suite, one in a dress, one in black and white. Make a 3 min video and do a cat walk.

Good luck to her and i can't wait to hear what they have to say!

Dax's cake

So i bought Dax's cake pan for his birthday cake. He's not really into anything and we are having a small party so i bought this cake pan off of ebay cause its out of make. We are having a dinosaur party...i thought it was boyish and fun. I figure we could have it at the party and have a BBQ with the family...

Monday, March 9, 2009

No power

So most of Mount Juliet didn't have power yesterday. Now I've been sick for the past 5 days and we haven't had the time to go shopping yet. So all i wanted before i went to church was a Sprite. I do really good about not spending money on Sunday but i really need this Sprite to keep my stomach feeling OK for the next 3 hours. Well the power was out and all the fast food workers were out side just waiting. So i was like well Church is kinda far from the house just maybe....i get to church and the lights are out. Now my father in law is the branch president and he said we continue as normal. Well that's funny cause we don't' have a piano player in the branch we have Sister Ipod who plays for us in sacrament and well she's doesn't work if there is no power so it was great. For the first hour of church we had no power!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Want to save some money?

So last year i had my first baby. We all know how they cost soooo much. So my friend introduced me to this consignment sale they have in her city. Now i knew what a consignment store was cause that's where i got my wedding dress but this was a big shopping deal that happens twice a year. So here are the pictures from last year. Last year i spent $50 and i got all pictured below ( i got an exersaucer for $10 and that's not pictured)

Most of this stuff is named brand too. Not that, that matters to me but it's a great deal.

So this year I'm working at the sale. For working it i get a $50 gift card to shop there. So that was a great help. This time around i really needed another car seat. Take a look at what i got this year. Out of pocket $64 brought home $114 actually worth close to $200 if not more...

In this picture you have:
(3) 3 piece pjs
(3) 2 pairs of pj's
(4) tops
(2) sets (top and bottoms)
(2) pairs of shorts
(1) vest shirt pants set for church
(5) shoes
(6) pairs of socks
a horse that's a flashlight
a barn with animals
a bag with 3 animals on wheels that make noise
a little people garbage man and truck
i got a dress (not pictured)
the car seat that has arm rest and a cup holder
a shower sprayer
a nemo puffer fish to hold the bath toys

He got some shoes seeing that he is going to be walking soon. I love the crocs!

so i encourage everyone to find a consignment in your area and work it. Its been a lot of fun and very rewarding.

Helping a girl get to school

this was an email sent to me from a girl in my church who needs our help please read below and do what you can. Thanks

Hello, Everyone!

My name is Rebekah Patton, and I am the Salutatorian from Wilson Central High School . I am currently completing for a $20K scholarship in an online voting competition. First, I would like to thank everyone who has supported me so far. I appreciate your votes as well as your time. Now, I need your help again. I have advanced to regions and you can all vote again. : ) Or, if you haven't voted yet, you can for the first time. This is not a scam; this is a legitimate competition that could me the opportunity of a lifetime.

Here's a more in-depth explanation:

1.) I am currently competing at the regional level in the Zinch March Madness Scholarship Competition. I was selected from over 7,000 students from Tennessee to represent our state. I have now advanced to regions by being in the top 6 of around 50 students in the state of Tennessee. I am in the South 3 region and the competition is fierce. To advance again, I need your help. I need each and every one of you to vote for me.

2.) So, how do you vote? It's an online vote. Go to zinch.com. It will take you to the page, but you have to be a member. Don't sweat, though. Sign-up only takes a minute, and it's 100% free. First, click on sign up. The first question will be "Who am I?" select "other." Then, you will pick a username and password. It will ask for your email address, but please don’t be deterred. IT WILL NOT SPAM YOU. After that, it will only ask for your name, gender, and zip code. Voila! You're done. They'll send you a confirmation email. After you confirm, you'll be free to vote!

3.) This might sound cynical, but I know a few of you are wondering, "Why bother?" Well, there are about a million and one reasons, but I only have time for three. First of all, when you do something nice for someone, good things happen. It's called karma. : ) Second, I'm planning on attending Vanderbilt in the fall. Tuition is roughly $50K a year, so this scholarship would really help me. (Hopefully this University choice will alert you to my academic and extracurricular record.) Lastly, I am going to be a plastic surgeon, specializing in pediatric reconstructive surgery. If you vote for me, you'll also be helping many, many children in the future.

Is that enough of a guilt trip? Only kidding, but seriously . . . please take a few minutes of your time to help me. Feel free to contact me at Beka709@yahoo.com with any further questions.

Thank You,
Rebekah Patton
Wilson Central High School

P.S. Please forward this message to as many people as possible. I REALLY need the votes.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My iPod

The first year we were married we had little to no money but Billy had said he wanted an iPod at one point in the future. Well i saved my money and got him a pink ipod mini (he loves pink did you see our wedding pictures...his choice). So now that we've been married for almost 4 years now Billy has lost his ipod a few months ago. So he started using my little pink ipod. Ok so how about he lost that one two! At school like three weeks ago. Not only do i use it for the music but i use it for pictures and to go running with. So i got on ebay and i bought one. The one i really wanted. And i only paid $82 for it and that's a steal! So now i have an ipod :)