Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tomorrow is the big day!

You ask why is it soo big? Well you see here at work for the past 11 weeks we've had a weight lost challenge. Every three weeks we weigh in and who every loses the highest percent of total body weight wins for that round. I gained 60 pounds with Dax. As i know right now i have 6 more to lose before I'm back to prego weight!The first round i lost one pound. I was so sad i was going up stairs and working out and doing the yoga classes at work and one pound.

Note: I'm still not at my prego weight yet so this is still baby fat.

So the next three weeks go by and i lost 4 pounds. At this point that was2.6% I have lost. I WON....i couldn't believe it i just won $168 dollars. How cool it that. So i gave half of it to my friend who is not in the challenge but is doing everything with me and keeping me on track. I also bought a swim suite that i will talk about closer to summer.

So the next three weeks go by by this time people are giving up and dropping out. There is 23 people involved in the challenge. So by popular demand we extended the challenge one more week. This last 4 weeks have been hard. NO CARBS! This is what we decided on. As well as green tea and working out. So once again tomorrow is the big day!!!! If i win i will be receiving $252. How cool would that be. I'll say it now if i do win i will be putting half of that in Dax's bank account. So i will let you know what happens tomorrow afternoon! Also 3 of my co workers are taking me out to lunch to celebrate my lost!