Monday, March 9, 2009

No power

So most of Mount Juliet didn't have power yesterday. Now I've been sick for the past 5 days and we haven't had the time to go shopping yet. So all i wanted before i went to church was a Sprite. I do really good about not spending money on Sunday but i really need this Sprite to keep my stomach feeling OK for the next 3 hours. Well the power was out and all the fast food workers were out side just waiting. So i was like well Church is kinda far from the house just maybe....i get to church and the lights are out. Now my father in law is the branch president and he said we continue as normal. Well that's funny cause we don't' have a piano player in the branch we have Sister Ipod who plays for us in sacrament and well she's doesn't work if there is no power so it was great. For the first hour of church we had no power!


Always Pretty in Pink said...

I don't think my power went out yesterday... Thats weird. It did in the middle of the night last night though. It messed my alarm up, and threw my whole day off.