Monday, August 20, 2007

The braves game

So we went to the braves game when we went to atlanta and we sat 15 rows up on the dug out and it was great!!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Harry Potter Book (7) party

We got the book at midnight and finshed it in two days cause he read it out loud to what a great book i cant believe it......

Warped tour in Atlanta

So we went to Atlanta to go to warped tour and man was it great we saw alot of cool bands and we were there all day... we drank alot of water and saw some pretty intereseting stuff...we spent $16 on two slices of pizza...yeah rip off..and the whole reason we went was for this man here on the left...Claudio....from coheed and cambria.....and to make it more of a big deal billy lost his wedding ring during his show the last show of the day....some crowd surfer got cought on his ring and it slid right off cause of all the now i have to get him a new one... he was so bummed about it. We also had to pay $20 to park... umm i don't think so never again/...

She really wore that tail all day

Juliet the dog

This was her first birthday so we made her a cake...looks gross but she loved it...

I'm taged?

So Alissa taged me and im not sure what im suppost to do but i think i have to tell you 10 different random things about me so here we go.....

1.) i can't just clean one room of the house i have to clean all or none.

2.) i always walk the same way or drive the same way when going some where

3.)im on myspace every day

4.) i always have my camera handy

5.) i fall asleep at like 9:30 most every night

6.) i have a love for book shelves

7.) is one of my favorite websites and one day i will send one in

8.) i can't go to the bathroom in public when there are others in there

9.) i have a coin collection

10.)im never happy with my hair

Some of my photography

These are just a few of my fav.s right now

4th of July

So for 4th of july we went to the in laws house for the BBQ and i took over 400 pictures at his moms house cause it's soo cool barn and base ball field and stuff so here are a few of me and shelbert photo shoped some....
then we went to a bar to see our friends play in thier band taxi driver

Little baby chris and family were there too his first trip out of the house(besides the doctor)

Skate Demo

so we went to the backyard BBQ skate demo at cool springs and took so really great pictures...Bam Margera was going to be there but almost died the night before in a skate accident...i was so bummed but shawn white was there and the metal mulisha...we even got them to sign our dvd......

the metal mulisha

shawn was he good

the metal mulisha

the family