Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Anyone in the Nashville area?

Is anyone in the Nashville area interested in some FREE portraits?

I'm looking to do:

Wedding dress shoot

Couples (married, engaged, boy/girl friend...)

Group of friends

Band shots

Or anything you want pictures of

I like to take pictures out side to use the natural light. I've gone to the Parthenon, Orpy land (great spot), any park the rail road, the lake...any where.
Trying to beef up my photography web site check it out

Ledbetter Photography

Just email me at

Montana update

Billy didn't get the job....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Photo oppt.

So this weekend I didn't get to shot the pictures I wanted because it rained all weekend. So I found his one and we went out for some pictures. These also are not the best due to it being almost nap time and all the humidity this day...

Mormorial day weekend

So this weekend was so great. I did so much laundry and cleaned every thing with my extra day off. We went swimming and went to the mall. I also got crafty. I found a link and I made a shrug out of an old t shirt. Well it's really cute i just need to find a different ribbon for it then I can post pictures. I also made this purple satin bow tie for my friends two year old who is going to be in a wedding this June. I had to have Dax try it on for me. But he just woke up and all his pictures his eyes were closed.

P.S. I found out that my neighbor is having a GIRL!!! That means I'm going to be spending a lot of my extra money on fabric and ribbons....If you have any links of website for little girl crafts (hair bows, dresses, room decor, etc...) let me know!!

First swim of the season

So Rachel calls me and wants to go swimming at my pool. So we get out there and the sun is not shining, the water is cold, and I wasn't feeling it. We got Dax's feet in and he wasn't liking his swim "suit" thing he was wearing so I changed him and he ate fishes while I kinda laid out. Still not hot enough to go yet. That's one thing I miss about Arizona is when its hot (like year round) you can go swimming. Here is so humid and gross and hot but not the kind of swimming hot. Bummer, we'll try again in a few weeks.

How does he do it?

This is how I found Dax this morning.

Many of days I will go to wake him up and he's asleep like this. Ever since he learned to roll over (like three months ago) he's been sleeping on his tummy with his butt in the air. Its too funny

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Faith 21

One of my favorite stores is forever 21. Well after having Dax I'm not the same shape any more and can't fit into ALOT of there stuff. If they would only carry XL. Well it's finally here. Faith 21 It's "plus size" for forever 21. As for now it's only on the website but that's fine.

Look how cute this stuff is. Billy for Christmas last year bought me a cute dress from forever21 and it was a large but it didn't fit so as soon as this stuff hits the store...Hopefully in August :) I'm going shopping!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Mormon Prom

So the stake had a dance and they themed it PROM. So after all the kids went to prom they got to dress up again and go to the dance. That's my sister in the purple. It was a last minute thing for her and she got the dress and stuff for $50. What a deal for a cute dress. She cut her hair short after the real prom.

I want to go to prom again or at least have a reason to wear a formal

As the wind blew

This was a picture that Billy took of me when we were getting our family pictures done. I really like it but thought it could use a little help. On flickr im in a group where they photo shop your pictures for you. This is my favorite one I got back.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Billy got a job offer! We wait to hear if they are going to fly him out there for the interview. So now we wait and see. I just want to ask everyone to pray with us.

This is the offer to be a reporter for a local news paper in Plains Montana. This is something that Billy wants to do in life and it's a great area. On top of that they have a job to offer me as well. I would STILL be making more than

So wish us luck and I will keep you posted!

Monday, May 11, 2009

My mothers day!

So this makes mothers day number two for me. I have NO pictures of last year's mothers day cause I was gross looking. But here is a video of what I was doing. Dax was about two, three weeks old and I still couldn't move and was still sporting the sweat pants and the husband tee. So no pictures. (TURN OFF MEDIA PLAYER TO HEAR DAX TALK)

This year was mucho better. It started off with us waking up at 5am because the ac wasn't working. Then back to bed. Dax woke up and I let him play for a while in his crib. Well my mistake. There were bite marks on his railing to the crib. So nap time rolled around. Yeah no nap, he just played with his new turtle and a wooden spoon. Fine so we get to church and he is out cold yes he slept for the first hour of church. Well my dad had called and said there is something for you in the kitchen. Billy beings it in to me and it was a little flower you wear on your top and dipped strawberries! Heck yeah way to go dad!


So when we got home this is what the boys got for me. They got me a new outfit! I love shorts and none of my old ones fit any more. They got me Lego star wars video game for our box 360 (I love those games) and the best part an external hard drive!!!! Yeah baby it can hold 71,000 pictures! How cool is that its the greatest I have sooo many pictures and now I can back them up and take all the ones off of my computer at work.

I love my boys and I'm so glad that I get to be the mother of Dax can't get enough of him. I never thought that I would be a mother let alone married at the age but honestly I don't know what I would do with out them in my life they are everything to me.

The Mothers of my life.....

So as this weekend is mothers day I wanted to share with you the mothers in my life.

First you have my mom. My mom lived in Arizona right now. I remember we use to go to Mill Ave all the time and go to art/craft fairs and the lake. We always had fun on the weekend. I remember one time too when we hiked to the top of the A It's the mountain next to ASU. Oh the adventures we had.

Next you have my Step-mom Heidi. She's always helping me out with something I'm making or something i have questions about. I remember the day before I had Dax we went out and had lunch ran some last minute errands. She had to take me in the next morning to the hospital because Billy had a finial he had to take. It ended up being that Billy couldn't be in the OR with me so Heidi was there holding my hand while Dax was being born. It was really nice to have her in there with me. (no one else wanted to be and I don't blame

Last but not least. You have Darlene Billy's mom. She's so funny for real.
We go over her house ever Sunday for dinner. (I always look forward to her home cooked meals!) But i remember it was right before I got married. I worked at a day care and she worked up the street for a shipping company. I had gone to an interview that morning. Now I had told the lady i was going to be late personal reasons and she kinda said no but it was a take it and risk a GREAT job or stay put with a bunch of women who didn't like me. So I went and came back to work and changed in the car and for got my shoes. Well i got fired when i walked in. I walked up to Darlene's work with no shoes and in tears. I called Billy and he was happy for me...???? That was not what I wanted to hear. But that was a funny day. ( got the job three weeks later stayed there for 2 years!)

To the three mother's mention and all the others that have adopted me in the past years. I love you and wish you the best mothers day. I have looked up to you for examples in my life and you have been there for me when I needed you. Now that I'm a mother I still need you in my life to help me become what you are to me. I'm thankful that I'm blessed with so many mothers in my life!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy brithday to my little man

Well Dax's party was this weekend. We were going to go to the park and have a dinosaur cake and have a cook out. Family fun day was going to be going on as well and that meant bouncers and fun booths!

Well it rained. All this week we have 70% chance of rain for the next 12 days. So we canceled his party. No where in our schedule could we re plan his party and no where else where we can have it. So we didn't have a party.

Since i bought all that meat and such i wanted a hamburger. So we went to my dad's house and i made a cake and we had lunch. Well we were all singing to him and well look at the pics......

Yeah he grab the candle. If i can get the video up i will but he grab the candle. He was fine his hand is good. He was more scared with everyone screaming. But yeah he got green frosting every where it was great.

So for his b day dax got a phone that makes noise and he loves it. He'll sit there and talk on the phone forever. It's to cute. New place setting with Dino's on them. Socks, a ball, a mirror for the back on my headrest, and a giraffe sit on toy. He got two trucks and two pairs of shoes from Grannie and the dumbo movie.... My mom sent him hind'em find'em eggs and duckies. He did pretty good.

Friday, May 1, 2009

I got my blog swap package!!

This was my first time doing this but i signed up for a blog swap. Well Rachel was my blog Buddie and this is what she sent to me!

Spa stuff for me! So you know what I'll be doing as soon as Dax's party is over. Distressing!!!!

I'm also going to post what I sent her!

This is one of my favorite place mat purses I've made so far. I filled this summer time purse up with stuff you would find in a purse. A tide to go pen, two personalized note pads, hand sanitizer, 3 fruity chap sticks, hello kitty band aids, a mini brush, a cute black hair clip, a small book that has happy quotes in it, i made for her two scrabble pendents one with an R and two glass pendents. There's a few other things in there but i forget what they are....she should be posting about it soon!

But this was fun i like making things for people. I have some new babies that are coming soon so photo shoots and crafts are to come!