Monday, May 11, 2009

The Mothers of my life.....

So as this weekend is mothers day I wanted to share with you the mothers in my life.

First you have my mom. My mom lived in Arizona right now. I remember we use to go to Mill Ave all the time and go to art/craft fairs and the lake. We always had fun on the weekend. I remember one time too when we hiked to the top of the A It's the mountain next to ASU. Oh the adventures we had.

Next you have my Step-mom Heidi. She's always helping me out with something I'm making or something i have questions about. I remember the day before I had Dax we went out and had lunch ran some last minute errands. She had to take me in the next morning to the hospital because Billy had a finial he had to take. It ended up being that Billy couldn't be in the OR with me so Heidi was there holding my hand while Dax was being born. It was really nice to have her in there with me. (no one else wanted to be and I don't blame

Last but not least. You have Darlene Billy's mom. She's so funny for real.
We go over her house ever Sunday for dinner. (I always look forward to her home cooked meals!) But i remember it was right before I got married. I worked at a day care and she worked up the street for a shipping company. I had gone to an interview that morning. Now I had told the lady i was going to be late personal reasons and she kinda said no but it was a take it and risk a GREAT job or stay put with a bunch of women who didn't like me. So I went and came back to work and changed in the car and for got my shoes. Well i got fired when i walked in. I walked up to Darlene's work with no shoes and in tears. I called Billy and he was happy for me...???? That was not what I wanted to hear. But that was a funny day. ( got the job three weeks later stayed there for 2 years!)

To the three mother's mention and all the others that have adopted me in the past years. I love you and wish you the best mothers day. I have looked up to you for examples in my life and you have been there for me when I needed you. Now that I'm a mother I still need you in my life to help me become what you are to me. I'm thankful that I'm blessed with so many mothers in my life!