Friday, May 1, 2009

I got my blog swap package!!

This was my first time doing this but i signed up for a blog swap. Well Rachel was my blog Buddie and this is what she sent to me!

Spa stuff for me! So you know what I'll be doing as soon as Dax's party is over. Distressing!!!!

I'm also going to post what I sent her!

This is one of my favorite place mat purses I've made so far. I filled this summer time purse up with stuff you would find in a purse. A tide to go pen, two personalized note pads, hand sanitizer, 3 fruity chap sticks, hello kitty band aids, a mini brush, a cute black hair clip, a small book that has happy quotes in it, i made for her two scrabble pendents one with an R and two glass pendents. There's a few other things in there but i forget what they are....she should be posting about it soon!

But this was fun i like making things for people. I have some new babies that are coming soon so photo shoots and crafts are to come!


pam said...

I love what you got and I love what you sent out. Great swap!