Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy brithday to my little man

Well Dax's party was this weekend. We were going to go to the park and have a dinosaur cake and have a cook out. Family fun day was going to be going on as well and that meant bouncers and fun booths!

Well it rained. All this week we have 70% chance of rain for the next 12 days. So we canceled his party. No where in our schedule could we re plan his party and no where else where we can have it. So we didn't have a party.

Since i bought all that meat and such i wanted a hamburger. So we went to my dad's house and i made a cake and we had lunch. Well we were all singing to him and well look at the pics......

Yeah he grab the candle. If i can get the video up i will but he grab the candle. He was fine his hand is good. He was more scared with everyone screaming. But yeah he got green frosting every where it was great.

So for his b day dax got a phone that makes noise and he loves it. He'll sit there and talk on the phone forever. It's to cute. New place setting with Dino's on them. Socks, a ball, a mirror for the back on my headrest, and a giraffe sit on toy. He got two trucks and two pairs of shoes from Grannie and the dumbo movie.... My mom sent him hind'em find'em eggs and duckies. He did pretty good.


Becky W. said...

Happy birthday Dax!