Monday, May 19, 2008

some pictures i took

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Dax is here!!!

For Talk To Me Tuesday this week. Tip Junkie wants to know what my favorite post was in 2008. Well I would absolutely have to say it was this one! We started our family this year. We had our first son. Little Dax. He's sucha a blessing to us and what a time we had getting ready and growing and having parties. Now that he's here we are so happy to have him in our home. He is now 9 months old.

April 29th i got up to get ready to go to the hospital heidi was taking me cause billy had a final he had to go to at school and as much as i wanted him to be there it was ok cause i knew he wouldn' be missing anything at 6:30 we got there by 7:30 my water was broke but the funny thing was i was having contrations when i got there and just didn't feel them it was funny. So then they started my labor inducing meds....

Then a bit later billy came and we waited....some family came and waited some more. When i got to a three i had had it the contrations were gettig too much to bear. It was cool to feel them and have them but at this point they were in my back and going into my hips and it hurt. I also knew i had to stay really still when i got the epidural so this was a good as scared as i was i knew this was a goodthing. Billy was sitting lower than me on a stool and i on the side of the bed. He had his hands on my legs and my hands on his. I knew what was going to happen and it only takes 10 mins. Neither of us saw them do it but Bily couldn't take watching me in all that pain and he passes out. Fell on the floor i felt bad for him but i think that it was really sweet. He was there for me the whole time when i needed him.

So after the epidural i felt nothing and it was great!!!! I got alot of sleep and it was well needed...having a baby wears you out. So now at this time im hooked up to ever thing...i have an iv, an epidural, cateriter,blood persure arm band,and and O2 mask. But it was only for a fewhours so this was something i had to get over.

Later on in the day around 5ish i had gone to a 7 then to an 8 then back down to a 7 the next time she checked me and i had alot of swelling in there and the baby was facing my tummy instead of my back and couldn't be turned. So we had THA TALK.....yeah i signed the papers and we were going to have a c section. Wow was i scared and billy was too. We talked about it with the doctor and for the safty of every one billy was going to wait out side the OR for us. So i had heidi go in with me. So as the doctor and billy left i lyed there anc cryied i was so not ready for this. I had never even been to a hospital before. So my dad and billy gave me a blessing and off i was.

they wheeled me into a bright white room and everyone was in mask. We did some numbing test and everything was good to go. Heidi was there holding my hand and she was very interested in what they were doing enoght to ask all kinds of questions. So i looked at her and said no questions no comments you are here to so then it was time and the next thing heidi said was he's got lots of hair and then i heared it the cry of my baby the baby that we made. It looked like we were going to have to have c section any how cause his cord was wraped around his body twice!!!! She showed me his head and his butt and then took him to clean up. They bought him back and i got my picture took.Then heidi took him to billy.

I stayied in the hospital for 4 days.Billy was such a help to me being there. We had our bumps but all in all it was a good time and wasn't as bad as i thought. Now we are home and things are going well....Billy is going to be a great dad. The first night we were home it was horrible the kid cryied alllllllllll night we even called the nerusrey at the hospital to find out what to do. But last night was wonderful and i hopethe night time thing gets better....

Im feeling well im still really sore for the c section but taking it easy. i have a bunch more pictures to post so keep an eye out for them!

he was 8.1 pounds 20 1/2 inches born at 7:38 pm april 29th