Monday, August 31, 2009

Wow I'm cool

So after living with my husband I'm now a clean freak. How can one person be so gross. Well any how, now a days I like having everything in it's place, bleached, sanitized, and away. So it's been a few months that I've been meaning to do something. I've been ironing alot, I've come to really enjoy it. Well when trying to iron my white skirt I realized it's time. Here is my ironing board.

You can see where I did my fused target bag. Also seeing that this is a mini ironing board so I have to do this on the counter in the kitchen. With that being said. Plenty of PB&J sandwiches have been made on this and what ever else one can leave out. Also when the washer broke you can see where the blue water was everywhere.

I know I never let anything get this nasty. So that's why this weekend

I fixed it! :)

I made a new one! It was really easy to make only took like 30 mins.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

August 27th 1986

Yep I'm 23 today!!! Not much planed for today. I have to pick my sister up and she's spending the night. So I think me and Billy are going out for ice cream!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Oh I'm good...

There are 5 differentces between these two pictures. Can you find them??
I own CS3 and I finally got my tools to work for me the way I wanted them too. I'm happy with how these pictures came out. I made my first buck today!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

{D} Families photos

So last weekend I was able to get with a friend from work and take some pictures of her and her boyfriend. She is 33 weeks pregnant with a little girl. I'm so happy for them!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Fall Consignment Sale 09

Ok here we go! I've been working the consignment sale. Last night was workers shopping night. I didn't find all I was looking for. I wanted more shoes and I wanted something dora or blues clues. So after my 50 dollar credit I only spent 30 dollars. If you think about I got all his clothes for free.

(3) pairs of Pj's

(12) tops


(1) coat

(1)Halloween costume

(1) bag of socks

(2)pairs of shoes

(2) books

(1) magnet doodle

(1)box of blocks

(1) shape sorter

Here is the the other posting from the times before when we went.

Consignment sales post

***yeah I had to work on half off day. I ended up coming home with 12 more tops. All were .50 or $1 . One even came with a bow tie!

Rad bus

So Lexi is off to college in a few weeks. So before she leaves we were trying to get some pictures done. Well I had a talk I had to prepare and didn't get done till late. So we didn't get out till7. The sun was going down fast and I had Dax so these didn't come out as I had wanted, but with a little photo shop I think they are pretty decent now.

I have my first real paying photo shoot this weekend with a girl from my work who is 33 weeks pregnant! I'm so excited and hoping they come out way better than these. This was a last minute thing.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What makes me most happy :)

So last night I left work early to go work at the consignment sale I do twice a year. I worked my 5 hours and now it's 8 o'clock and I'm so ready to leave. I had forgotten my work out clothes so I had to work in my office out fit and my feet hurt. Well my car wouldn't start. I was so mad. I had three pregnant ladies helping me jump my car. No go. So we yank out the batteries and off to Heather"s house. The consignment sale is in Madison where as I live in Mount Juliet about 40 mins away. So we tested the battery and it's fine. We go back put it back in and we wiggled and banged on some things and got it to work. I didn't get home till 10 o clock last night. I was not happy.

But then to day I find these! They are from the family reunion at Wades house as we were getting ready for church on the farm. Look at him dance.

Monday, August 10, 2009

He's such a big boy!

Yep do day we took Dax to his new preschool. He did so well. He wasn't sure at first but went right to the teacher. We put him down and he showed us some toys then off he went to play. I think he will do just fine. It's going to be an adjustment for him you know sleeping on a mat, eating in a chair and table, lesson time.....

I think it was hard for Billy to leave him. Billy is going to be spending alot more time with him now. He is gladly going to be taking him and picking him up. Right now I'm working after work at the consignment sale that I do every summer and winter. I'm excited cause we get to go shopping this week! New clothes, new toys, and fun stuff.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

my list

I like to stay postive. If you had to compare me and Billy to each other we are like a set of batteries. So i try to find things that make me happy to keep the flow going. Also lately we haven't recived any of the good news we have been looking forward to. So here is my list of things that make me smile inside:

♥ when Dax walks over to me just to give me a hug

♥ when some one lets me over on the interstate

♥ captureing the world threw a lens

♥ when i get a "thank you dinner was good"

♥ to know that my dog is always there at the door when i get home

♥ chocolate banana smoothies (or any smoothie for that)

♥ a made bed

♥ weddings!!

♥ letters of kindness

♥ to be in company of good firends

Monday, August 3, 2009

Another try on the lake

Last year I posted THIS. Well this year we gave it another go. Billy and I went out on lake with some friends this last weekend. It was a beautiful day and being me it was an over cast day! We knee boarded and tubed. It was so much fun. Last year I had just had a baby 5 months before, so I was out of shape. This year I am proud to say I got up on the knee board AND grabbed the rope. It was so much fun. Then me and Billy got in single tubes and wow! He would hit me and send me across the water it was fun. Then we left with me and Heather riding the huge tube together. We did good until Gary tried to get us it was tons of fun. Until the next day, when I couldn't move at all. We had used every last inch of muscle in our bodies!