Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What makes me most happy :)

So last night I left work early to go work at the consignment sale I do twice a year. I worked my 5 hours and now it's 8 o'clock and I'm so ready to leave. I had forgotten my work out clothes so I had to work in my office out fit and my feet hurt. Well my car wouldn't start. I was so mad. I had three pregnant ladies helping me jump my car. No go. So we yank out the batteries and off to Heather"s house. The consignment sale is in Madison where as I live in Mount Juliet about 40 mins away. So we tested the battery and it's fine. We go back put it back in and we wiggled and banged on some things and got it to work. I didn't get home till 10 o clock last night. I was not happy.

But then to day I find these! They are from the family reunion at Wades house as we were getting ready for church on the farm. Look at him dance.