Thursday, April 29, 2010

The birth of my son

There is this woman at my work who is pregnant. Her due date was the day before Dax's due date. She is now a week late and being induced as I write this. She was pregnant at the same time of the year as I was. I got to share my stories with her and my experiences. She is having her baby girl today. The same day I had Dax and I think it's too funny. Our kids are exactly 2 years apart!

But as I think of today and mothers day coming up, I think of all the hard work as a mother I've had to do the past 3 years. First it was eating right and taking my vitamins. Then it was not getting so stressed out and not being on my feet so much. Then it was safely delivering the baby and having to have surgery. After all that it's now caring and loving my little man. Making sure he gets the food he needs and all the love he can handle.

He's a handful but everyday we thank God for the blessing of this child. He's amazing and we love him so much. Everyday it's something new something that just blows us out of the water. He's so smart.

At the age of two he is now obsessed with Thomas the train. He says a new word everyday but still isn't talking in sentence. He can put his own pants on. Drinks from a straw. Can sing ANY theme song. Sleeps in a big boy bed. He's so sweet, he'll run across the house just to give you a hug.

The first time I saw him.

Just a day or two old in the hospital.

First birthday pictures.

Two years old!

Monday, April 26, 2010

I needed a change....

I woke up Friday and didn't like my hair. Tried a few things and just wasn't having it. So I decided. Yep I'm doing it I'm doing it I'm cutting it. I needed a change. As much as I love my long curly hair it will grow back in time.

This was taken Easter Sunday.

This was taken at Dax's party on Saturday. They took 8 inches off! No more funky color and no more split ends :) This makes me happy.

A clue a clue guess who's two!

So Saturday was Dax's birthday party. We had to do it this weekend so that his daddy could come, and seeing that he might not be here for the next we wanted him to come. It rained all day. We had a tornado warning. So once again we picked the most awesomest weekend to do this. All the family was there and we had our good friend Stephanie and little cutie come. Dax's old baby sitter and her 3 kids came. We had a blast. We made tickity tock and we had cupcakes and we open gifts. Dax wasn't to sure on what to do so Dawson and Carter helped him. He got all kinds of cool stuff. He was so good to. He shared all his toys but his trains of course. He was a happy boy and looked so cute in his Steve shirt.

This was Dax opening his first gift. It was a Thomas video from my dad. Look at his face and how happy he is.

This is what he looked like when we told him to open the next one. We had to take the video away. Daddy put mailbox on his head. It was raining with a tornado warning so mailbox didn't make it out side.

Dax is his funny little thinking chair. It was a last minute thing.

He was loving his Thomas balloon.

The present table with mailbox.

This is Dax eating Dawson's cup cake.

This is what it looks like when Daddy smashed a cup cake in your face.

The boys playing with new toys!

These trains make him so happy. There are times where he sleeps with them he eats with them. They are attached to his hands. His favorite part is looking at them in the face. At church there is a giant ride on Thomas. The first thing he does is get on his belly and say hi to Thomas. Oh and it's not Thomas any more it's

I've missed placed my other memory chip but I have a ton more pictures to post later.

This was Sunday morning when we let him open his train set.

He put his pants on all by him self. He couldn't get them over his diaper so he started walking over to me with an arm full of his trains. It was too funny.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Three years in the running

So today marks my three year anniversary with the Tennessee Lottery. Yep this has been the longest job I've ever had. I love it here, the poeple are so kind and there is something always going on.

This job was a blessing when I got it. I had been working for this small company that bought some sprint stores, I had been there for 2 years. When I decided I needed a job with insurance it was a long journey. I did everything! I put my resume out there for everyone. There was this lady at church and her calling was to help people in the ward get jobs. She knew when and where to find them and if there were openings at members jobs. This took all of 10 months. Yes, it took me 10 months, countless interviews, and much prayer. I got this call one day, I really wanted to be a flight attendant, from South West Airlines I think looking for Stephanie Ledbetter. Well here I was and what would you have of me? Well long story short they were looking for they wanted me to report for like a 5 month training in Texas and I couldn't see my husband and I don't think it was paid or something. Well this would have been like the finally call I would have received if this phone call was for me. They were looking for Stephanie Ledbetter who lived in Texas. Yep and then the tears came.

So this lady at church would send me emails about job openings like every day. This one came across for a receptionist for the Lottery! Well how cool would that be. So I applied and had an interview and then a second interview and within 2 weeks of applying I had the job! Yep so I sat at the front desk answering phones and making badges.

After two and a half years here I am in my own cubical with a visitors chair in the mail room. I have alot more responsibility and a lot more freedom. This has really been an awesome thing for me and my family. After only four months in working here I got pregnant. My boss threw me a baby shower. We sadly lost someone who was deeply loved here. So much has happened and changed. It was a blessing to have been so young and to have been giving this opportunity.

Three years and counting!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Random happenings

Getting ready for church. Eating cereal with a spoon. He's pretty good with it.

The tie that Aunt Becky made for Dax for Christmas. It fits now and is ever so cute. Thanks again Aunt Becky!!! This was taken after church it's nap time.

I'm on a path to losing weight right now and so I'm shopping here and there. All the new stuff i buy is stuff "out of my box" and this out fit is it. I got everything for $18! I was so proud. New top, necklace and purse!

Big boy bed

So while at Gavin's party two weeks ago. Dax needed a nap so he slept in Gavin's converted crib. Dax stayed in bed the whole time and when he woke up he waited for me to come and get him quietly. So last weekend I thought maybe it was a good time to convert his crib. So we did and he LOVES it!!

He really liked it after he realized it wasn't nap time.

We learned how to get in and out.

Then he played with his bus.

Then read his Memo book. (nemo)
Later that day. Big boy bed in action!

After a week he is so good with this change. We've told him he can get up and play but he just sits there waiting for you. It's kinda sad but to funny. Some times you hear him knocking on the wall. That's our bedroom wall. He's a big boy now. Maybe next month we can start the potty chair again. I'm not sure where he learned it but for the little bit of what he does say he can tell me he has poo poo in his diaper. It's to funny. Smart boy he is.

Gavins Birthday

Now that I have the pictures, two weekends ago we went to Dax's friends birthday party. I'm friends with Gavin's mom from work. She's awesome! Gavin was turning 3, it was the pirates who don't do anything party.

Dax playing out side (finally) being a pirate this was too funny.

Dax telling me something interesting....
I couldn't decide what one I liked so I posted most of them :) I just love that smile of his.

We were learning how to pick flowers. He was so proud of that little yellow flower he showed everyone.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Mommy Duck

Two days ago!
Yesterday at 5:30 after work they were only hours old. We saw about 9 or 10.
She took them for a swim before work. She had 13 cute little ducks

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sneak peek!

The other shirt I had gotten for Dax was to small so back on ebay it goes. I did find this awesome one at target on SALE! It was only $4. I'm so excited and I hope that everyone can make it to his party. My little man is turning two! Just wait for the other pictures to come. Blues clues is such an easy and fun birthday idea.

Friday, April 9, 2010


So after 3 years I FINALLY have a name plate!

The day of Billy's birth

This is how me and Dax left the apartment this morning so when Billy came home he would see it.

Billy was so surprised when he got home from work at 12:30. After I got home at 6:30 I let him open his present that had been staring him down for hours. It is a suit! It's a Volcom suit who knew they made those. It is cut and sewn a bit different from a normal suit. The pants are a tighter more skater fit. He loved it!!

Doesn't he looks oh so handsome in it! I love a well dressed guy.
After he opened his gift we went out to dinner. We were going to go to buffalo wild wings but it was packed! So we headed over to stake and shake. Dax was such a good boy. They gave him this car to put together and the whole night it was car, car, car, Tom, car. Once we got our food he had to get in his seat. He started eating all his food up. Such a good eater last night. He even got some of mommy's ice cream. It was a good night and Billy had a good day at work.

Next: Dax's Party so far I think it's going good.
Clean out basement
get food
wrap presents
figure out blues clues game
finish goodie bags
send out invites this week
get two year old pictures taken
find blues clues music