Friday, April 23, 2010

Three years in the running

So today marks my three year anniversary with the Tennessee Lottery. Yep this has been the longest job I've ever had. I love it here, the poeple are so kind and there is something always going on.

This job was a blessing when I got it. I had been working for this small company that bought some sprint stores, I had been there for 2 years. When I decided I needed a job with insurance it was a long journey. I did everything! I put my resume out there for everyone. There was this lady at church and her calling was to help people in the ward get jobs. She knew when and where to find them and if there were openings at members jobs. This took all of 10 months. Yes, it took me 10 months, countless interviews, and much prayer. I got this call one day, I really wanted to be a flight attendant, from South West Airlines I think looking for Stephanie Ledbetter. Well here I was and what would you have of me? Well long story short they were looking for they wanted me to report for like a 5 month training in Texas and I couldn't see my husband and I don't think it was paid or something. Well this would have been like the finally call I would have received if this phone call was for me. They were looking for Stephanie Ledbetter who lived in Texas. Yep and then the tears came.

So this lady at church would send me emails about job openings like every day. This one came across for a receptionist for the Lottery! Well how cool would that be. So I applied and had an interview and then a second interview and within 2 weeks of applying I had the job! Yep so I sat at the front desk answering phones and making badges.

After two and a half years here I am in my own cubical with a visitors chair in the mail room. I have alot more responsibility and a lot more freedom. This has really been an awesome thing for me and my family. After only four months in working here I got pregnant. My boss threw me a baby shower. We sadly lost someone who was deeply loved here. So much has happened and changed. It was a blessing to have been so young and to have been giving this opportunity.

Three years and counting!