Monday, April 26, 2010

A clue a clue guess who's two!

So Saturday was Dax's birthday party. We had to do it this weekend so that his daddy could come, and seeing that he might not be here for the next we wanted him to come. It rained all day. We had a tornado warning. So once again we picked the most awesomest weekend to do this. All the family was there and we had our good friend Stephanie and little cutie come. Dax's old baby sitter and her 3 kids came. We had a blast. We made tickity tock and we had cupcakes and we open gifts. Dax wasn't to sure on what to do so Dawson and Carter helped him. He got all kinds of cool stuff. He was so good to. He shared all his toys but his trains of course. He was a happy boy and looked so cute in his Steve shirt.

This was Dax opening his first gift. It was a Thomas video from my dad. Look at his face and how happy he is.

This is what he looked like when we told him to open the next one. We had to take the video away. Daddy put mailbox on his head. It was raining with a tornado warning so mailbox didn't make it out side.

Dax is his funny little thinking chair. It was a last minute thing.

He was loving his Thomas balloon.

The present table with mailbox.

This is Dax eating Dawson's cup cake.

This is what it looks like when Daddy smashed a cup cake in your face.

The boys playing with new toys!

These trains make him so happy. There are times where he sleeps with them he eats with them. They are attached to his hands. His favorite part is looking at them in the face. At church there is a giant ride on Thomas. The first thing he does is get on his belly and say hi to Thomas. Oh and it's not Thomas any more it's

I've missed placed my other memory chip but I have a ton more pictures to post later.

This was Sunday morning when we let him open his train set.

He put his pants on all by him self. He couldn't get them over his diaper so he started walking over to me with an arm full of his trains. It was too funny.