Monday, April 5, 2010

Billy's Birthday trip

Good Friday I took off from work. Got the oil changed, took Dax to my parents and got a dog sitter. By 10 we were off. We spent the weekend in Atlanta, GA. Billy's birthday is this week and I told him since there were so many shows in this month that he could pick one. My fault for not putting a parameter on that. He choose one out of state. That's fine we had fun. We took his little sister with us to. It took us 3.5 hours to get to Shelby's friends house. We visited for a while and then left for our hotel.
We stayed on Peachtree st in the heart of down town. We were 8 mins away from the venue. I haven't posted anything about it yet but we've been doing P90x work out. So we were pretty sore. So how tonight was going to play out I just wasn't sure. So we leave and go to The Masquerade. We waited in line for a good while. We are here to see one of his favorite bands, A day to remember. Well I didn't know there were 5 bands playing total. That's a LONG night! So this place looks like a small old factory. You climb the stairs and get into the main room. We were right up front. The people started piling in. The first band played and they were really good and had a girl drummer. She was awesome.

Then the second band got on an hour later. By this time it felt like everyone was there and had made it in. For a sold out show there was 600 people in there. This was Enter Shikari. Well I'm not a big fan of the screaming, grunting, growling stuff. It's just not good for me.... They don't have to much in there but the computer nosies were so cool. I got to meet them and they were really nice. Billy wanted one of their shirts so I made a trip over there.

After about the 3rd band I was tired of being in the mosh pit area and having been to a good amount of shows why did I wear pants? I was burning up. So after August burns red I high tailed it to the back. I got my water, found our friends from earlier that day and hung out with Ben and Tanner the rest of the show.

It was so scary cause you could feel the wooden floor bouncing with every jump the crowd took. So after the show we all met up and went back to the hotel. Funny story, after Shelby had left the front of the crowd to come find me Billy went in the middle of the mosh pit. While moshing he had lost his shoe, found it and then contained to mosh with his one shoe in his hand. My husband might be crazy, but I love him for it.

Ok so now that we are all hot, sweaty and tired tell me when hotels stoped giving out shampoos? Yes I know we were at a super 8 motel but they aways have that kind of stuff. So we had to go buy some it was funny. But on our way home we decided to go to the Chattanooga aquarium. Oh boy was that fun. We got to see so many cool animals. We went to the butterfly garden and I actually held one, right! We saw sharks and otters, alligators, penguin's, jelly fish. It was so dark in these places it was hard for pictures so we were lame on this trip. But here are some of the fun things we saw and did: