Monday, April 5, 2010

My first week of P90x

Yes Billy and I have talked about it and we are committed to doing the 90 day program called P90x. I have finished my first week (and more) and man it is hard. I am sore every night. We are eating better. We are following the eating plan a bit. I need to read up on it and really go shopping for it to really get the full effect. But every night we do our videos drink our shakes and that other starter stuff that's nasty... lol I will be taking our before pictures this week.

If you want more info on it you can go to you rea read about the food plan and print off your sheets.

So in 90 I should be looking good for this summer. I'm getting a new swim suite!!!


Anonymous said...

My husband and his brother did that last year! the results are pretty amazing! Good luck!