Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter weekend

Easter morning we finished coloring our eggs. I had Dax up on the counter and he was being very careful to paint our eggs. He didn't like it when I Pulled the bag up on the egg. These were tie dye eggs. So I let him pant one that wasn't tie dye. He was so cute.
So after they dried we went to my parents house. As soon as we got there he was bombarded with eggs filled with candy and trains. They had these eggs at Target that had Thomas and friends in them. So he got a Thomas and Percy and Charlie. We asked him what color charlie was. We asked him a few times. Then finally in the middle of the room he threw his hands out and yelled "Purple". Dang sorry I asked. It was funny. Lexi had her boyfriend over this weekend from school. He was nice. I got some pictures of the two of them. We also got pictures of the girls before she went back to school. Then later when we were leaving to go to Billy's mom's house we took some family pictures. Yes he's mine and all boy!

Once we got to Darlene's house we had hamburgers and cake. Little Phoenix is a year old now! He's so cute he's up and walking really well now. So Darlene went out and hid some eggs for the kids to find. Dax didn't understand and didn't want to do it until he realized they had candy in them. But it's a two step deal here. You pick the egg up and but it in the bag. He picked the egg up and threw it across the yard. You could hear Darlene yelling across the yard, " That's a real one don't let him throw it!" It was to funny.

We had lots of food and spent time with the family and had fun. It was a little odd that we didn't go to Church rather it was on tv this year. But it was still good.