Thursday, April 22, 2010

Big boy bed

So while at Gavin's party two weeks ago. Dax needed a nap so he slept in Gavin's converted crib. Dax stayed in bed the whole time and when he woke up he waited for me to come and get him quietly. So last weekend I thought maybe it was a good time to convert his crib. So we did and he LOVES it!!

He really liked it after he realized it wasn't nap time.

We learned how to get in and out.

Then he played with his bus.

Then read his Memo book. (nemo)
Later that day. Big boy bed in action!

After a week he is so good with this change. We've told him he can get up and play but he just sits there waiting for you. It's kinda sad but to funny. Some times you hear him knocking on the wall. That's our bedroom wall. He's a big boy now. Maybe next month we can start the potty chair again. I'm not sure where he learned it but for the little bit of what he does say he can tell me he has poo poo in his diaper. It's to funny. Smart boy he is.


Alissa said...

so so cute! miss you guys!