Thursday, April 29, 2010

The birth of my son

There is this woman at my work who is pregnant. Her due date was the day before Dax's due date. She is now a week late and being induced as I write this. She was pregnant at the same time of the year as I was. I got to share my stories with her and my experiences. She is having her baby girl today. The same day I had Dax and I think it's too funny. Our kids are exactly 2 years apart!

But as I think of today and mothers day coming up, I think of all the hard work as a mother I've had to do the past 3 years. First it was eating right and taking my vitamins. Then it was not getting so stressed out and not being on my feet so much. Then it was safely delivering the baby and having to have surgery. After all that it's now caring and loving my little man. Making sure he gets the food he needs and all the love he can handle.

He's a handful but everyday we thank God for the blessing of this child. He's amazing and we love him so much. Everyday it's something new something that just blows us out of the water. He's so smart.

At the age of two he is now obsessed with Thomas the train. He says a new word everyday but still isn't talking in sentence. He can put his own pants on. Drinks from a straw. Can sing ANY theme song. Sleeps in a big boy bed. He's so sweet, he'll run across the house just to give you a hug.

The first time I saw him.

Just a day or two old in the hospital.

First birthday pictures.

Two years old!


Brittney said...

What a cutie. Definitely a lot of work but worth every sleepless night and dirty diaper. :) Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day!