Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jury Duty

Yesterday I was able to have the day off to go to jury duty. This was my first time doing this so it was all new to me. I took Dax to school this morning and did some birthday shopping for the boys. Then cleaned my apartment! Yes you can see the floor to my bed room. I was so happy. Then I left to sit in the wrong court house parking lot in Lebanon. After I found the right one we went to sit in the court room. The judge came in and talked to us about why we are here, how we got here and what we are to do. Well I was in the last group called. I am in panel 11. I am committed to jury duty for 2 months! YIKES!! Yes for the next two months I have to call in almost every night to see if my panel is called to court the next day. There are mostly one day trials but there are a few two day and some 5 day. Now I do get paid the big bucks to do this everytime I go. Yes a whole $10. So I will be in and out of court the next two months. :) Oh joy...