Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Still pregnant!

This week I am not 39 weeks pregnant with Vera and for right now she had no intention on coming out soon. My due date is next Wednesday, I have a dr appt the day after. So next week if she is not here he wants to talk about being induced. Well I'm not sure how i feel about the situation. I was induced with Dax and well ended up in a c section for failure to progress. It's looking like a repeat right now. He said we will talk about ways he can induce with out drugs so i'll listen to that first. I have read things here and there about being induced with pitocin and still being able to have a VBAC. But I've also heard that pitocin and a c section scare are not good friends. So I'm a bit torn at this. In a way it kinda makes me sad cause this is what my body was made to do. This is a women's calling and well my body just doesn't want to deliver. With Dax i got to walk in to the hospital feeling fine and get in a bed and be pumped full of drugs only for 12 hours later to be in the OR. I was so happy to finally hear that sweet baby cry but it wasn't my dream birth. At that time it was the safest and if that's what we needed then i'm willing, but i did leave disappointed.

This time around i want to go in to labor and i want to labor at home for a time and walk around and get to push her out only to have my sweet girl laid on my chest. Once again I will do what I have to, to make sure everyone is safe and healthy. So lets hope she comes in the next week!

Baby girl Vera,
Everyone wants you here and it's now ok to come at any time. Your strong and your healthy. Your big brother can't wait to play with you your daddy wants to kiss on you and mommy just wants to hold you in her arms.  Your going to fit right in and be showered with love and kisses.  Good things are here waiting for you........(still waiting)

love  your mommy!

This is me at 39 weeks and tired as all get out for not having a good night. On my way to the dr.

Monday, October 10, 2011

37 weeks...

Im now full term! So she is allowed to come anything now. I had my hospital tour last week. It really made everything so much more real. We got to see the L&D room. Boy was it small. I had Dax at "the" place to have babies in Nashville. This room was so small i don't know how everyone will fit in there. Then we went to the rooms and there where nice. Once again smaller but it's just us this time i really don't think we will have any visitors. We didn't get to see the nursery. This hospital is one of the smaller ones and i've heard alot of good things about this place. So im really excited about being taken care of here.

At 37 weeks i have the car cleaned and her car seat in the car. I also have her bag packed and in the car. I have 4 freezer meals made.  Her room and bassinet are ready for her. I'm more tired than I have been the whole pregnancy but keeping up with Dax isn't helping. Im not sure if she's drop or dropping, im not sure if im having braxton hicks.  I just hope that things start happening soon so i can feel better about going in  to labor. Cause im scared im not going to......She's still moving a ton! I for real felt her foot the other night. She pushed it so hard in to my hand.  Her family is just here wait now.