Monday, January 25, 2010

The happenings


I left early to go get Dax from school. He had thrown up and had nasty diapers. So I left at lunch took him to the doctor and as we were pulling in threw up in my car. We had to wait 35 mins before anyone came back from lunch. Dax was carried in wearing a towel. Two ear infections and a stomach virus. Took him home for a nap and woke up covered in watered down #2. I felt so bad for him. Gave him a bath. Tried to feed him something. Threw up again after I gave him his meds. I slept in his room on the spear bed just to make sure he was going to be ok. One more time and I was going to take him to the hospital. He was putting out more than I could keep in.


I stayed home from work. He still wasn't eating anything. Threw out the weekend we went threw a whole box of saltines. It was the only thing all weekend he would eat. I cleaned all day the apartment was beautiful!!! We had a good day playing and stuff at home. Good naps and some what good eating.


We dropped Dax off at my dad's house and good thing we did too. It was so cold and rainy. We had a funeral to go to. Yes another one. This is the 4th one in 2 months. Cousin Ronnie passed away. He was 65 and had gotten cancer from his tour in Vietnam. The agent Orange. He had it once and was able to get pass it. But this second time it was just to much for him. To see him one last time he had aged so much since two years ago at the family reunion. It was our first military funeral. It was pretty cool how they come to pay their respect to a fellow solider. One thing that was really sad was there was uncle cane's grave and it was over turned still and starting to grow grass. He finally had his dead date placed on his stone. Uncle Carol was there just below Cane. He had hay on his area. Ronnie isn't to far from the rest of the family. Hilda was placed in the Mausoleum on the other side of the place. She had her wall spot engraved and had flowers. It's just so sad to see everyone leaving at the same time. But i saw it as they all wanted to take the journey together. I know that none of them are in pain any more and that's the best part. We didn't get home till 9pm that night.


Yeah can we say I was tired! I didn't want Dax around the other kids so we just stayed home. He was doing so much better. The lady down stairs came out side yelling as I was brushing Juliet's hair. So I went back inside. Like 5 mins later she turns up her radio as loud as she can. (this was not a big deal for me so what) But she starts screaming and hitting something on the counter or something. It freaked me out. After what happen with the last couple down there I wanted nothing to do with anything down there. After about 15 mins of music playing it went off and that was it. So I really don't know what the deal was. Dax still has not eaten anything but bread and crackers this night.


Well I'm back at work today. Dax ate cereal bars this morning and is off to school. I have alot of work to make up from last week. I texted Billy to see what his recutor has to say to him about getting him back in to MEPS. He goes in on the 5th and weighs in and picks his job! Well this morning Billy got laid off. It was kind of a shock. After he went home he called me back and said he had an interview. Only 6 hours of getting let go he found a job that started the next day. He now works for Nissan. :)