Monday, August 31, 2009

Wow I'm cool

So after living with my husband I'm now a clean freak. How can one person be so gross. Well any how, now a days I like having everything in it's place, bleached, sanitized, and away. So it's been a few months that I've been meaning to do something. I've been ironing alot, I've come to really enjoy it. Well when trying to iron my white skirt I realized it's time. Here is my ironing board.

You can see where I did my fused target bag. Also seeing that this is a mini ironing board so I have to do this on the counter in the kitchen. With that being said. Plenty of PB&J sandwiches have been made on this and what ever else one can leave out. Also when the washer broke you can see where the blue water was everywhere.

I know I never let anything get this nasty. So that's why this weekend

I fixed it! :)

I made a new one! It was really easy to make only took like 30 mins.


ABCherry said...

Ah! that's too awesome! you are so crafty! love love love it!