Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Death to the machine

I have this new obsession with lego star wars and lego Indana Jones xbox games. They are soooo much fun. Well I just finished 100% Indana Jones game. That was fun. I'm now at 81.5% done with star wars legos game. We usually play after Dax is in bed.

Well this weekend I was in the middle of my level and it shuts down. After about 10 minutes this is what we see.

Yes that is the RING OF DEATH and yes we have seen this before. Because I have seen this once before I'm scared I'm going to be out a system. I have a few phone calls I have to make when I get home about this.

**soon to come my christmas gift post


Always Pretty in Pink said...

Hey. My husband, John, works on Xboxes. I don't really know what he charges or anything. But if you want him to look at it, let me know.

Nancy M. said...

Hey, I am visiting from the links at Mama Bzz. I hate the rings of death! My son had that on his console, but it was still under warranty. They sent him a new power box thingy and it worked again. Good luck with yours!