Tuesday, September 22, 2009

State fair!

Last weekend we had the choice to go to the duck races or go to the fair. So we went to the fair, it was a good thing too because the duck races were canceled due to the rain. So off to the Nashville state fair. This was so much fun. We went with Heather, Chase and buddy Gavin. Billy was at his sisters birthday party and missed out on all the fun Dax and I had. Here are some pictures.

First we started with the rides just in case it started to rain. What you had to do was check to see how tall you were. Dax was 32 inches and Gavin was 36 inches. Well being that they are that short there's not much they could ride. Plus an adult has to ride with them on most. So we rode on the semi trucks. Gavin in the front us in the back. Dax really liked it. He had his hand on my leg the whole time and a spoon in the other. Then we found this train. We let them ride on it alone. They did so good. I mean look at Dax he was just hanging out the whole time.

Then we moved over to the petting zoo. At first I didn't think he was going to be nice to these animals. But he did well. He didn't grab to much and no one got bit. He really like the little black goat and got really excited to see the water bufflo. He petted the camel, lama, cow, horse, deer, and some other things. We went to the rabbit house and saw the chickens and the ducks.

Here we are with the pumkins and water melons. First place pumpkin was 1,119 pounds and the water melon weighed in at 239 pounds. Crazy!!! Oh yeah we also got our picture taken with abe lincon!