Friday, March 6, 2009

Want to save some money?

So last year i had my first baby. We all know how they cost soooo much. So my friend introduced me to this consignment sale they have in her city. Now i knew what a consignment store was cause that's where i got my wedding dress but this was a big shopping deal that happens twice a year. So here are the pictures from last year. Last year i spent $50 and i got all pictured below ( i got an exersaucer for $10 and that's not pictured)

Most of this stuff is named brand too. Not that, that matters to me but it's a great deal.

So this year I'm working at the sale. For working it i get a $50 gift card to shop there. So that was a great help. This time around i really needed another car seat. Take a look at what i got this year. Out of pocket $64 brought home $114 actually worth close to $200 if not more...

In this picture you have:
(3) 3 piece pjs
(3) 2 pairs of pj's
(4) tops
(2) sets (top and bottoms)
(2) pairs of shorts
(1) vest shirt pants set for church
(5) shoes
(6) pairs of socks
a horse that's a flashlight
a barn with animals
a bag with 3 animals on wheels that make noise
a little people garbage man and truck
i got a dress (not pictured)
the car seat that has arm rest and a cup holder
a shower sprayer
a nemo puffer fish to hold the bath toys

He got some shoes seeing that he is going to be walking soon. I love the crocs!

so i encourage everyone to find a consignment in your area and work it. Its been a lot of fun and very rewarding.