Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Need a new movie to watch?

So there is this website called swap a dvd what you do on there is list movies you don't want or watch any more. To i listed 27. I just got a blue ray player and I'm getting rid of all my movies. You sign up and make a wish list of the movies you want i have veggie tales on there blue's clues, other kid and Disney movies as well as some new and old blue ray movies. So after you make your list and you've uploaded movies it's not time to swap. If some one is requesting your movie all you pay is shipping and its mostly like $2.00 but for every movie you list and send off you get one credit for every cd in that movie box. So far I've gotten 6 movies (south park season one, veggie tales, little Einstein, and some others) So its really cool. You only pay for postage!