Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 6: My day

Let me tell you about my day yesterday.

We woke up and had eggs, beacon, and biscuits. After that was done and over with we headed to the store. Yes it was Sunday but both Rachel and Dad were having issues with sneezing. So we went and got some meds. Came back I took a shower and started getting ready for church. Dax was in his room reading a book while trying to take a nap.

We all left and went to church. Great fun that was. Three hours later we were on our way to Darlene's house. Once we got to Billy's mom's house we helped get things ready. The floor in her kitchen is in the process of being ripped out. It's bad. So we all ate out side. It was for Shelby's birthday.  Present there for dinner was Beth, Chris, Phoenix, Lindsay, Chris, me, Dad, Rachel, Dax, Shelby, Darlene, Mike, Grannie, Cindy, Marrissa....Too many people. So we ate dinner and let the kids run around and play.

No-nap-Dax deiced to show up and make a secan so we cleaned up and left. I get home clean up Dax read a book and off to bed with him. After he's in bed I can go down stairs and spend my hour a day with Billy on the computer! Then I watched a show then off to bed only to wake up and leave late and not have a lunch and not feel good!