Monday, January 28, 2008

You are kidding me!!!

Ok so these new apartments we live in have way to many people in them and not enough parking for them lucky if i get to park in front of my buliding...most nights when i come home no joke i have to park in the visiters parking in front of the club house...thats three bulidings over...So forget about bringing anything in clothes food or what ever mess i have in the to be 7 months pregnant and alone in the dark when it's like 23 out side we make a joke about it "Wonder if we are going to have to hike to the apartment tonight..."

Then one morning last week i found this letter on my car and another on billy's car!

Yeah i was so mad i couldn't belive it!! So i called the apartments and told them about the people who work at the partments i live in are the dumbest people can never get an answer out of them so i asked do you have to have a parking permit?? Whats the deal here...they were like oh my gosh thats only happened one other time we are sooo sorry and you do not need to be walking like that... so we will get you some specail stickers....ok so this to me means no we don't have parking permits but im going to make you something specail....WRONG AGAIN.....i went to pick them up.,....and notice that only a few people had them on the cars...but yeah they should have given us these stickers when we moved in, in November...but out of all the others who did not have one why was it just me and billy??? And now i want to know what person in my buliding did that??? But oh well i will keep parking as close as i can when ever i can. Cause i pay my rent every month. Dont mess with the pregnant lady!


JoshAimee said...

Your tagged. go to my page to read the rules :)

Jenna and Co. said...

That is RIGHT, Steph! You tell 'em. Pregnant women get exceptions to all rules. I can't believe someone had, nerve to leave that note (I would have said "balls", but the handwriting looks feminine, so the author probably doesn't have any).