Thursday, February 28, 2008

Coheed and Cambria concert

So we went to see coheed and cambria our favorite band ever (this would be the 4th time) Billy waited out side from 11 to 5:30 waiting to get in to get a good spot in the snow.. yeah in the snow it was so cold that day. So His mom and sister picked me up and of we went and being the nice person that i am i brought him his coat cause i knew after wards he would be cold in the snow he was only wearing a thin hoodie.

So billy got in and was somewhere in the pit. We got downgraded and got better seats than what we paid for so that was cool.

But as i talked with billy he met some pretty cool kids waiting out side. These two 14 year old boys said they wanted to be just like him when they grew But i made him a yellow plaid pants and they lasted the show so that was good and everyone loved them....we also put his hair in liberty spikes that took me two hours the night before.

But not alot of people dresses up for the show mainly because it was a linkin park show and Co&Ca were just opening for them so you had a lot of boring kids there really...linkin park is mostly rap rock compaired to chiodos and coheed who opened who are harder. And the mosh pit....well it was more like a bunch of people just standing there kinda disappointing, and with me being pregnant i didn't know what to do im my chair i wanted to be down there with billy. but we left before linkin park went on to beat the traffic and the snow.

The show was great and we had a lot of are some of the pictures we took billy got the better ones. (this man was the whole reason for going)


Jenna and Co. said...

That's so hilarious that you went to that concert pregnant! Jimmy Eat World is our favorite band, and they came to Salt Lake 5 days before I had Audrey. But there was no way in China I could go since my pubic bone was separated. Oh the joys of late pregnancy! Glad you had fun, though. Oh, and we're going to see JEW for our birthdays!