Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stephen's family reunion 2008

So its that time again the Stephens family reunion.

So Saturday at 7 we left to go to the farm in James town about a 2 hour drive from our house. I had to ride with Billys parents cause billy was at a cave camp out with the church boys. We got up there and didn't have much to do that day but run around and sit on the pouch. But i did get to shoot a hand gun that was really fun and i had never done that before. Ill post pictures of that later. So later that night we went to the hotel and slept to wake up the next morning to have church with the family on the farm. I think thats one of the coolest things to do. But Billy met us up there at like 9 and i was so happy to see him it had been two days. So we had church and we all changed, then we took family pictures here is a picture of all the great great grand kids....and some other pictures i took at the farm house. Now you have to remember too this farm house just got electic and water like 5 years ago still no AC...the out house is out back as well as the shower house and the barn....