Thursday, August 28, 2008

My goals for my photography

If any of these interest you please let me know here is a link to my photography i've done in the past. This would be totally free and fun for all. You would get all the pictures we take to do with what you want (word of mouth), i would provide props if needed.
email me at:

my photography photo book:

Shoot a wedding
Infant Shoot. (i have my first one besides my baby in 4 weeks)
Open up a studio.
make a logo
Get Business cards made
Make a home studio
Shoot an indoor session at my home studio
Get a custom blog.
Shoot a session for someone in the ward
Produce a portfolio
Go on a cruise
Shoot Engagements
Drive somewhere just to take pictures
old house
Take pictures of my parents
Make a wedding album of our wedding and when we renew our vows
Shoot a band
Car show
Trash the dress session
Get the website up
Organize a family shoot for our families
Enter a photo in a print competition
Shoot Senior portrait sessions
Make a photography book
Get my work into something published
a day on the farm (animals and such)
a day in the life of you...
family reunion
stake dance
Pregnancy portraits
groups (friends, family, work...ect.)