Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MLK Day...

So on Martin Luther King day Dax and I went over to see Heather and Gavin. While the boys napped,played, watched Thomas, cried, fell, and mostly made a mess we made candles. So some time soon we are having a yard sale. Neither of us has enough crap to sell so we are doing it together. Well we still think we wont have enough stuff so we decided to make things...I have a few things i need to make in my spare time (that's a joke)before then too. But here is what 5 hours got us. We went to the store picked out the stuff. I had been collecting baby food jars and other wide mouth jars for a while now. We made our double boiler and started melting our wax. As you can see in below picture:

We learned a lesson here. This is a 4 pound solid block of wax. So how the heck are you suppose to cut this. Well i had the hair dryer and she had the knife it would have been really funny it there was a 3rd person watching. But we did the whole thing. We used crayons for the color and had 4 different smells. We even tried the ice candles. It was allot of fun and really easy here is one of the finished products:

If you look to the far right of this picture you can see a few other we make. Total in all we made 14 candles!