Friday, October 2, 2009

Car goes boom!

I've been having a really bad week. I've been sick all week, I'm tired, and my car well blew up. It barely made it to the ford dealership. When I got out of the car i was crying being the mess that i was. I think i scared the guy. I was upset because I was suppose to call the mortgage guy today to find out what we get approved for on the house. Well it's ether a car or a house, not both. I could name you the list of things that were wrong under the hood as well as all the other things. After 5 years and 182,000 miles later good by dear friend.

2001 ford focus

It was so hard to walk away from my car last night. After I emptied it all out it was finally time to go home and I was so sad to leave my first car behind. I was 18 when I got it.

But on to bigger and better things we got a new one. Here it is:

2006 Ford Fusion

I took these at work today. It's awesome! It's super safe, reliable, and roomy. After this week this is week this is what I needed. We now have a new car and a car payment. I'm so excited!!!


Melissa said...

I LOVE your new car! Its really good lookin! Congrats :)