Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We are all in the Navy

Well we have told the family. After Billy gets out of school in December he is enlisting in the Navy. After being really sad and pout about this I've really thought about it. This could be it for us. That something to get us going. I've talked to alot of people about this. Unlike the army who go out for max like 12 month his max would be 6 months. Yeah I will be sad and miss him tons but it's work. He'll be doing what he loves to do and doing it on a boat. How cool is that. Here comes the best part. With him working on the seas I would be able to get a part time job. They have free day care on base, free on base living free flight benefits ANY WHERE, and I can have another baby! Insurance is close to nothing! I've been waiting to have my second until I can quite my day job and stay home with the two of them. Haven't been able to do that yet seeing that I make the money. This also give us the chance to live on the West coast again. That's exciting to me. It's going to be hard and have it's ups and downs but after we've talked to alot of people this is really going to help us grow too. This will help Billy grow up some and help us grow with in our marriage. I'm now really excited for this. We will keep you updated on how our journey goes. Right now he's trying to lose weight before going to MEPS to do his testing.