Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thanksgiving, boo!, trees

Ok so it's been CRAZY at work these past 4 weeks so I finially get to blog.

So it's time to take down our flying ghost.

And replace them with christmas orniments. Dax just loves them.

We had so much fun on Thanksgiving. We went and spent the morening/afternoon with my family. We helped cook, clean, Dax slept the whole time...

Then we headed to Billy's parents house. Shelby got her braces off after having them for 3 years. We got to see granny and the boys. It was a really good time. And below you can see my child's new thing. Climb in everything. He's gets in my cubords, gets in her dresser thing, hides in boxes so after looking threw my dad's closet I found a bag with two play tents in it. So we set them up and took one home. The boyish looking one.

Later that weekend we put our tree up. I think it's looking a little lame this year I don't know what else it needs but they are all plastic as for Dax is already playing with them. And GREAT news!!! I get to take the pictures at the church party of Santa and me!!! I'm sooo excited!


Simple Life said...

Hey Steph- I think you should put some white polka dots on those ball ornaments! That would look awesome! :) A little white paint and small sponge brush would do the trick. all you would have to do is dip, then spin the brush to make perfect circles!