Sunday, December 11, 2011

What does FAMILY mean to you....

Lately it seems like things are falling apart. Family doesn't mean what it use to it feels like. I see young families and older families and so badly i wish for what they have, but I know it not easy work to have what they have. But at the same time this is my family and I'm happy with that cause I love them.  There have been many changes to our extended family and it's hard to watch and be apart of. It's hard cause we,  me and Billy, now don't really have a family to look up to to strive to be like, only what not to do. Broken families should be no big deal for me. I've deal with it all my life. I think that is so that I can help others threw their hard times and its been really hard with my mother in laws devoice. So I'm glad I have these experiences to help him. But at the same time I feel forgotten about. And in a time of need.

Why is it that friends seem to be more like family at times. At my last job I had a small group of friends that pretty much knew everything about what ever was going on. They were there for me to give me advise, to listen, to tell jokes, to be there for me when i needed it the most as well I was there for them. We may have had moments where things were said we didn't want to hear but needed to hear. When it came time for gifts they were some of the most thoughtful. I miss my group of friends but am in the market for new ones.

Over all I have stepped backed and will only be focusing on my family the four of us. They need me and  I think if we can stay a strong that things will work out for the best. I really hope that we can be an example for my sister. She's seen and delt with alot and even thou she's miles away i hope i can still be a good sister for her.